IBM aims new IoT community site at developers

Hoping to rally the worldwide development community around the Internet of Things and drive business to its cloud services as well, IBM has launched a community space for programmers to write software to connect remote devices to back-end cloud systems.

The site, called DeveloperWorks Recipes, provides a base for developers to learn about how IoT systems work and how to create code to run these systems.

This is the second community site that IBM has set up in the past month. Last week, the company established DeveveloperWorks Open, to help developers collaborate on building open-source business software.

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Uber investing $1 billion in India, targets 1 million daily rides

Uber Technologies expects to hit over 1 million trips per day in the next six to nine months in India, the largest market outside the U.S. for the ride-hailing company.

The company said Friday it was making a new investment of US$ 1 billion in the country over the next nine months. The money will be spent on expanding and improving operations, including into more cities, developing new products and payment methods, and to establish a “great support network,” Amit Jain, president of Uber India, said in a statement.

Uber, which is currently growing at a whopping 40 percent monthly, is expecting faster growth after the investment, Jain added.

In India, Uber is up against the country’s largest player Ola, run by ANI Technologies, which acquired a smaller operator TaxiForSure in March for $ 200 million.

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Safeguard Scientifics Announces Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) today announced second quarter 2015 financial results. Safeguard’s partner companies achieved significant developmental milestones and recorded continued aggregate revenue growth for the three months and the six months ended June 30, 2015. Safeguard partner company aggregate revenue was $ 101.0 million, up 24% from $ 81.3 million for the same quarter of 2014. For the six months ended June 30, 2015, partner company aggregate revenue was $ 218.6 million, up 27% from $ 171.9 million for the same period in 2014. Revenue figures include all partner companies in which Safeguard had an interest at January 1, 2015, but excludes DriveFactor, which was sold in April 2015, and Quantia, which was sold in July 2015. Safeguard reports the revenue of its partner companies on a one-quarter-lag basis.

“Through our disciplined strategic focus and steady momentum, we expect Safeguard to achieve its goals and objectives for 2015—to realize continued growth in partner company aggregate revenue; to increase the total number of our partner companies to approximately 30; to deploy $ 35 million to $ 50 million in new partner companies and $ 30 million to $ 50 million in follow-on funding for current partner companies; and to execute a minimum of two profitable exits with a minimum aggregate cash value of $ 50 million,” said Safeguard President and CEO Stephen T. Zarrilli. “Our partner companies continue to grow revenue on an aggregate basis and achieve significant developmental milestones, including product launches, customer wins, patent issuances, strategic partnerships, as well as profile-raising industry awards and media coverage. Our success in the near-term bolsters our long-term commitment to drive significant increases in Safeguard’s assets under management.”

For the three months ended June 30, 2015, Safeguard’s net loss was $ 19.0 million, or $ 0.91 per share, compared with net loss of $ 7.3 million, or $ 0.35 per share, for the same quarter of 2014. For the six months ended June 30, 2015, Safeguard’s net loss was $ 33.6 million, or $ 1.61 per share, compared with net income of $ 24.0 million, or $ 1.13 per share, in the same period last year.

At June 30, 2015, Safeguard’s roster of 28 partner companies was comprised of 12 healthcare and 16 technology companies. “The cost of our interests in these companies totaled $ 282.7 million,” said Jeffrey B. McGroarty, Safeguard Senior Vice President and CFO. “Our net cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities at quarter-end totaled $ 54.4 million, after subtracting the total carrying value of debt outstanding of $ 51.1 million. During the second quarter of 2015, we deployed $ 18.9 million in three new partner companies and $ 10.1 million in follow-on funding to five existing partner companies. In addition, former partner company DriveFactor was sold in a previously announced exit transaction from which Safeguard received initial cash proceeds of $ 9.1 million, representing an approximate 2x cash-on-cash return and generating a $ 6.1 million gain in the second quarter. Subsequent to the second quarter of 2015, partner company Quantia was acquired by Physicians Interactive. Safeguard received initial cash proceeds of $ 7.8 million in connection with the transaction, excluding $ 1.2 million which will be held in escrow until July 2016. Safeguard recognized an impairment charge of $ 2.9 million in the second quarter related to Quantia.”

Significant accomplishments by Safeguard partner companies in the second quarter included:

>> Product Launches – Apprenda, Aventura, Bridgevine, Lumesis and Putney

>> Major Customer Wins – Aventura, Clutch Holdings, Syapse and WebLinc

>> Intellectual Property/Patent Issuance – Pneuron

>> Strategic Partnerships – Apprenda, Aventura, Beyond, Full Measure Education, Good Start Genetics, Lumesis, MediaMath, Pneuron, Propeller Health, Syapse, Transactis and WebLinc

>> Industry Awards/Media Recognition – Apprenda, Aventura, CloudMine, Clutch Holdings, Hoopla, MediaMath, NovaSom, Pneuron, Propeller Health, Syapse and Transactis


For 2015, partner company aggregate revenue is projected to be between $ 430 million and $ 450 million, which includes revenue for all partner companies in which Safeguard had an interest at January 1, 2015, but excludes DriveFactor, which was sold in April 2015, and Quantia, which was sold in July 2015. Aggregate revenue for the same partner companies was $ 359 million for 2014 and $ 290 million for 2013. Aggregate revenue for all years reflects revenue on a net basis. Revenue data for certain partner companies pertains to periods prior to Safeguard’s involvement with those companies and are based solely on information provided to Safeguard by those companies.


The following partner company highlights represent information as of June 30, 2015.

Partner Company Revenue Stages

Development Stage

>> Pre-revenue

>> Proving out technology

>> Developing prototype

>> Beta stage customers    

Initial Revenue Stage

>> Up to $ 5M in revenue

>> Initial customers

>> Early market penetration

>> Management team forming

>> Infrastructure being built    

Expansion Stage

>> $ 5M to $ 20M in revenue

>> Commercial grade solution

>> Growing market penetration

>> Management team built out

>> Infrastructure in place    

High Traction Stage

>> $ 20M+ in revenue

>> Significant commercial traction


AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (Warren, NJ — High Traction Stage)

AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions (“AdvantEdge”) is a technology-enabled provider of healthcare revenue cycle and business management solutions that substantially improve decision-making, maximize financial performance, streamline operations and mitigate compliance risks for healthcare providers. AdvantEdge is recognized as one of the top-10 medical billing, coding and practice management companies in the U.S.; has nearly 600 employees in seven regional offices in the U.S. and one office in Bangalore, India; and collects more than $ 1 billion annually for its physician, hospital, ambulatory surgery, behavioral health and large office-based clients. Safeguard has deployed $ 16.3 million in AdvantEdge since November 2006 and has a 40% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The market for AdvantEdge’s services is estimated to be more than $ 10 billion annually, which includes hospital-based physician revenue cycle management and office-based revenue cycle management. The ongoing pressures created by provider consolidations, reimbursement decreases and accountable care initiatives present challenges for players in the revenue-cycle management space particularly for the smaller companies in the industry that do not have the scale, technological capabilities or economic resources to meet the evolving needs of the market. AdvantEdge intends to capitalize on these industry dynamics to grow its franchise over the long-term.

Operating Highlights — AdvantEdge continues to pursue scale through organic growth and strategic acquisitions, completing eight M&A transactions since 2009. The company’s revenue in 2014 exceeded $ 40 million. In 2015, AdvantEdge is focused on accelerating organic growth.

Aventura, Inc. (Denver, CO — Initial Revenue Stage)

Aventura is a leading provider of awareness computing for the healthcare industry. Through its patented technology, Aventura delivers awareness of a user’s identity and role, the location within a facility, the device being used, and the patient being treating. Based on this awareness, Aventura immediately delivers a virtual desktop and dynamically provisions the applications and exact screens a user needs to care for that particular patient, eliminating wasteful clicks and keystrokes. As a result, Aventura helps customers achieve their important initiatives in the areas of electronic medical record (“EMR”) adoption and meaningful use requirements, protected health insurance security, mobility and cost containment. Safeguard deployed $ 6.0 million in Aventura in January 2015 and has a 20% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Hospitals have invested heavily in EMR, driven largely by $ 36 billion in federal incentives. Despite significant investments in health information systems, efficiency, data security and workflow optimization, challenges around day-to-day access to patient data persist. Searching in multiple applications to compile a complete view of patient charts requires further investment to leverage the EMR spend. U.S.-based hospitals are estimated to spend $ 1.3 billion to optimize workflow for patient data access, and fewer than half of U.S. hospitals have implemented an optimization solution.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Aventura launched Sympatica™, the company’s lead software platform for integrating EMR with third-party applications (population health, care coordination and health information exchange) at the point of care. Three healthcare organizations have already selected Sympatica, which is expected to be more widely available in the third quarter of 2015. Aventura also announced a partnership with BIO-key International to develop a biometric-authentication solution for electronic prescription of controlled substances. Lastly, Aventura was named among the top 100 technology startup companies by Red Herring, a respected business publisher that evaluates innovative startups around the world.

Good Start Genetics, Inc. (Cambridge, MA — High Traction Stage)

Good Start Genetics is a commercial-stage molecular genetic information company focused on fundamentally transforming the standard of care in reproductive medicine by providing physicians and their patients with clinically relevant and actionable information concerning inherited genetic disorders. Through GoodStart Select™, the company provides a comprehensive and clinically actionable menu of genetic carrier screening tests for known and novel mutations that cause inherited genetic disorders. Through its exclusive relationship with IviGen and iGenomix in the U.S. and Canada, Good Start Genetics offers clinicians additional important tests designed to improve pregnancy success rates and the chances of having a healthy baby. Additionally, through two exclusive agreements with Johns Hopkins University, Good Start Genetics has obtained rights to Fast-SeqS technology, which may streamline the delivery and costs of providing pre-implantation genetic screening and non-invasive prenatal testing. Safeguard has deployed $ 12.0 million in Good Start Genetics since September 2010 and has a 30% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), approximately 62 million women are within reproductive age range in the U.S.; and 6.6 million pregnancies occur annually in the U.S. This presents a total addressable U.S. market opportunity of $ 1.25 billion to $ 1.5 billion for carrier screening in reproductive health.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Good Start Genetics reported data from 70,000 patients in two studies that reinforce the accuracy and clinical utility of the company’s genetic screening technologies. A third study of nearly 23,000 individuals confirmed that Good Start Genetics’ robust screening process can detect a wider range of disease-causing genetic mutations with both high sensitivity and specificity. The company is expanding access to its GoodStart Select genetic carrier screening tests to the broader women’s health community, including obstetrics, gynecology and maternal fetal medicine physicians.

InfoBionic, Inc. (Lowell, MA — Development Stage)

InfoBionic is an emerging digital health company focused on creating superior patient monitoring solutions for chronic disease management with an initial market focus on cardiac arrhythmias. InfoBionic’s MoMe® Kardia system will empower physicians with control to transform the efficiency with which they manage cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes for their patients. Leveraging a comprehensive, cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform—the first and only of its kind—InfoBionic delivers on-demand, actionable monitoring data and analytics directly to the physicians themselves. The MoMe Kardia 3-in-1 device streams continuous electrocardiogram, respiration and motion data to the cloud for analysis and delivers automated reporting to any mobile device, tablet or web-based portal where physicians can access and interact with the data they need, in the detail they want—anytime, anywhere. Safeguard has deployed $ 8.0 million in InfoBionic since March 2014 and has a 28% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The global addressable market for monitoring cardiac arrhythmia and related events is estimated to be approximately $ 3 billion worldwide, including $ 1 billion in the U.S.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Safeguard recognized an impairment charge of $ 3.2 million due to the discontinuation of InfoBionic’s first-generation device. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) clearances for InfoBionic’s newest software and hardware are expected in late 2015 and early 2016, respectively, with commercial launch expected in 2016. Safeguard intends to provide $ 3.5 million in follow-on funding as part of a $ 7.0 million Series B-1 financing to help InfoBionic capitalize on the significant opportunity in the cardiac arrhythmia market.

Medivo, Inc. (New York, NY — Expansion Stage)

Medivo is a healthcare data analytics company that unlocks the power of lab data to improve health. Medivo is the largest source of lab data in the U.S. with access to over 150 million patients through its nationwide network of partner labs. Medivo analyzes large data sets and shares its findings with the medical community at large, as well as with its life science, payer and lab partners, to ensure that appropriate available treatments are provided to patients sooner. Safeguard has deployed $ 11.6 million in Medivo since November 2011 and has a 35% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Medivo generates revenue through targeting and analytics programs and clinical services. Based on current monetization strategies, the addressable healthcare analytics market for Medivo’s products is estimated to reach $ 10.8 billion.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Medivo emphasized its strategic focus on high-value data analytics and is working to strengthen its access to data by expanding its roster of laboratory, pharmaceutical and health insurance partners. Currently, six of the top 15 life sciences companies are under contract with Medivo. The company also demonstrated the importance of data analytics at the Executive War College annual meeting as well as at the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association annual meeting.

meQuilibrium, Inc. (Boston, MA — Initial Revenue)

meQuilibrium offers an individualized, online stress management program based on building resilience, defined as the capacity to rebound or bounce back from adversity, conflict, failure and also positive events, progress and increased responsibility. The clinically validated, HIPAA-compliant, software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) platform delivers an individualized digital coaching experience. The scientifically validated and clinically proven approach is based on 15 years of research showing the link between stress and resilience, and grew out of research on resilience at the University of Pennsylvania. Designed for mobile and desktop use, the scalable meQuilibrium platform guides users through a personalized assessment to develop a long-term roadmap focused on critical skills to boost resilience. Data from the aggregated meQuilibrium user base provide metrics and insights on workforce well-being informing human capital strategies and decision-making. Safeguard deployed $ 6.5 million in meQuilibrium in April 2015 and has a 32% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Studies show that up to 95% of U.S. workers experience moderate to severe stress, propelling absenteeism, productivity, injury and turnover costs. These factors cost U.S. businesses an estimated $ 300 billion annually, and healthcare expenditures are estimated to be 50% greater for high-stress workers.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Safeguard led a $ 9 million Series B financing with participation by Chrysalis Ventures and others. meQuilibrium will use the proceeds to accelerate sales and marketing, and expand product development. meQuilibrium has a robust pipeline of well-developed opportunities and qualified leads. The company serves two key markets: large enterprise companies eager to mitigate employee absenteeism and lost productivity due to stress; and payors and health plans seeking to drive differentiation and innovation in an era of consumer-driven healthcare. meQuilibrium also serves individuals looking to improve the quality of their lives. Enterprise clients currently include Comcast, Hewlett Packard, Nemours and Meredith.

NovaSom, Inc. (Glen Burnie, MD — Expansion Stage)

NovaSom is a leader in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (“OSA”) home testing with the AccuSom® home sleep test, the only comprehensively supported home sleep test that provides continuous patient support and next-day test results and interpretation for health care professionals. The FDA-cleared AccuSom is as accurate as sleep-lab testing and significantly more convenient and comfortable for patients. Patients are able to test around their own schedules and can sleep in their own beds, which helps eliminate “first-night” effect and improves data collection. Safeguard has deployed $ 21.1 million in NovaSom since June 2011 and has a 32% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The OSA diagnostic market in the U.S. is estimated to be approximately $ 4 billion and is growing more than 15% annually. Only 3 million sufferers in the U.S. have been diagnosed to date, out of an estimated 40 million moderate to severe OSA sufferers.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, the company announced that the AccuSom home sleep test will be featured in an episode of Innovations with Ed Begley Jr., airing on the Discovery Channel during the third quarter of 2015. AccuSom is currently covered for more than 150 million commercially insured U.S. lives. NovaSom is accredited by the Joint Commission as an Ambulatory Care Sleep Diagnostic Center & Telehealth Provider and is classified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility.

Propeller Health, Inc. (Madison, WI — Initial Revenue Stage)

Propeller Health provides digital solutions to measurably improve respiratory health. One of the first mobile platforms with FDA clearance, Propeller Health combines sensors, mobile apps and predictive analytics to monitor and engage patients, increase adherence and encourage effective self-management. Propeller Health partners with integrated delivery systems and health plans seeking new solutions to improve quality, strengthen care teams and reduce the cost of care for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”), the fifth and sixth most expensive diseases in the U.S., respectively. Safeguard deployed $ 9.0 million in Propeller Health in August 2014 and has a 25% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Asthma and COPD currently cost payers and patients in the U.S. more than $ 100 billion annually. By 2020, the CDC estimates that the cost of medical care for adults in the U.S. with COPD alone will increase 53% to more than $ 90 billion.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Propeller Health continued to expand its collaboration with the City of Louisville, Kentucky. The Air Louisville program builds on a public-private collaboration Propeller Health started with Louisville in 2012. The company’s sales funnel continues to expand as pilot programs are completed with several other health insurance providers. User data show that the Propeller Health system has significantly higher patient engagement and retention rates than other asthma and COPD apps.

Putney, Inc. (Portland, ME — High Traction Stage)

Putney is a rapidly growing pet pharmaceutical company focused on developing high-quality, generic prescription medicines for pets. Putney’s mission is to provide veterinary practices with FDA-approved veterinary generic medicines that meet pet medical needs and offer cost-effective alternatives for pet owners. Safeguard has deployed $ 14.9 million in Putney since September 2011 and has a 28% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — According to IMS Health, 86% of all human prescriptions in the U.S. are filled with a generic, yet very few generics exist for drugs prescribed for pets. Analysis of FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine approvals reveals that 91% of FDA-approved drugs for pets have no generic equivalent. The overall size of the pet pharmaceutical market is significant. Packaged Facts, in its April 2014 report entitled, “Pet Medications in the U.S.,” stated that U.S. retail sales of pet medications reached $ 8 billion in 2013 and projected that the market will grow to more than $ 10 billion in 2018, reflecting a compound annual growth rate of 5%.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Putney continued to grow its portfolio of FDA-approved, high-quality generic medicines for pets, launching Tiletamine-Zolazepam, the only FDA-approved generic equivalent of Zoetis’ Telazol®. Tiletamine-Zolazepam is Putney’s fifth first-to-market veterinary generic and its sixth new product in the past seven months. Putney’s product portfolio now totals 10 generic equivalents of companion animal veterinary drugs. New product launches and growth in the base business are continuing to drive revenue increases at Putney.

Syapse, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA — Initial Revenue Stage)

Syapse is a software company that enables healthcare providers to deploy precision medicine programs. The Syapse Precision Medicine PlatformSM integrates complex genomic and clinical data with care pathways and medical knowledge bases, providing clinicians with actionable insights to enable diagnosis and treatment. In addition, it enables longitudinal tracking of patients, creating expansive sources of real-world evidence that will be used to power learning health systems across networks of affiliated health providers. The platform integrates data from electronic medical records, molecular testing labs and imaging and billing systems and is agnostic to the data source or system. Safeguard deployed $ 5.8 million in Syapse in June 2014 and has a 27% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Syapse’s technology provides integral software infrastructure for any healthcare provider utilizing genomics, molecular and high-complexity clinical data in the care of their patients. While Syapse’s platform can be applied to any disease area, early customers have focused on oncology. United Health Group estimates that the annual addressable U.S. market for genetic and molecular diagnostic testing will reach $ 15 billion to $ 25 billion by 2021, while MarketsandMarkets reports that the global healthcare information technology market was $ 40.4 billion in 2012 and will grow to $ 56.7 billion by 2017.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Syapse Founder and President, Jonathan Hirsch, was interviewed on Fox Business by Maria Bartiromo, highlighting how Syapse enables health systems to use tumor profiling and targeted therapies to increase cancer patient survival. At the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (“ASCO”) Conference, Syapse customer Intermountain Healthcare, an integrated delivery network of 22 hospitals, 185 clinics, a medical group and a health plan, announced that its precision medicine program with Syapse has demonstrated significant survival improvements and cost reduction for patients with metastatic cancer. The first study of its kind, Intermountain’s program with Syapse resulted in the doubling of progression free survival and 10% total cost of care reduction, as compared with standard of care. Building on this success, the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform was selected by ASCO to automate clinical workflows for a clinical trial that will track treatment courses and outcomes of qualifying cancer patients who are provided access to molecularly targeted medications outside of their FDA-approved indications. Using the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform, practitioners in the trial will build evidence of the clinical utility of treating patients with off-label therapies targeted to their genomic test results. Sanford Health, a health system of 43 hospitals and 250 clinics in nine states and three countries, announced that it is using the Syapse Precision Medicine Platform to automate pharmacogenetic clinical decision support and the internal test process, tailoring real-time drug dosing and other care to a patient’s genetic profile. Syapse also added experienced executives in charge of sales, marketing and engineering with backgrounds in healthcare IT, applied genomics and scalable SaaS solutions.

Trice MedicalTM (King of Prussia, PA — Initial Revenue Stage)

Trice Medical is a sports medicine company focused on micro invasive technologies. Trice Medical has pioneered fully-integrated camera-enabled needle technologies that provide a clinical solution, optimized for use in the physician’s office. The company’s first product is mi-eye™, which is a single-use, streamlined visualization device that uses a standard 14-gauge needle with integrated optics to perform a diagnostic arthroscopy. Trice Medical’s mission is to provide more immediate and definitive patient care, shortening the timeline from injury to recovery significantly reducing the overall cost to the healthcare system. Safeguard has deployed $ 6.2 million in Trice Medical since July 2014 and has a 28% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — In the U.S., it is estimated that more than 32 million magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams are conducted each year, of which approximately 8 million are orthopedic in nature. Private insurers, which cover approximately 80% of all sports medicine injuries, often pay an average of $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 per MRI—all of which is paid to the facility that owns the MRI and an independent radiologist, not to the orthopedic surgeon who is treating the patient. As a result, Trice Medical’s addressable market opportunity is approximately $ 15 billion.

Operating Highlights — Trice Medical received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2014 for mi-eye, which is currently being sold through a limited launch. Broader commercialization is expected by year-end 2015.


AppFirst, Inc. (New York, NY — Initial Revenue Stage)

AppFirst’s patented technology enables rapid and unintrusive collection of real-time foundational metrics, at the sub-nanosecond level, in conjunction with collecting and time synchronizing multiple other data types. AppFirst’s rich data set can be used for many purposes including security introspection, detailed forensics, regulatory compliance, real time transaction tracing, real time topology viewing, operations management, performance management, detailed cost tracking, and many other applications for both cloud and proprietary environments. Safeguard has deployed $ 10.6 million in AppFirst since December 2012 and has a 34% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — AppFirst competes in the $ 2.6 billion application-performance monitoring market, where existing vendors are growing 10% per year, according to 2013 Gartner estimates.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, AppFirst was named a finalist for the SIIA CODiE Award in the “Best IT Service Management Solution” category, providing independent validation that AppFirst’s Systems Integrity Platform is providing measurable business results for its customers. AppFirst continues to gain traction with the secure enterprise version of its platform, which the company introduced in 2014, for deployments on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. AppFirst’s platform includes a patented data collection and aggregation offering to deliver visibility into all foundational interactions including, but not limited to, every application call, system event, log file entry, configuration change, third-party application or custom code event as well as data from thousands of plug-ins. AppFirst’s platform includes a big data correlation and aggregation engine providing a normalized and time synchronization view of all collected data across the enterprise in a way previously unavailable using traditional application performance management and polling solutions.

Apprenda, Inc. (Troy, NY — Initial Revenue Stage)

Apprenda is a leading enterprise platform-as-a-service (“PaaS”) company powering the next generation of enterprise software development in public, private and hybrid clouds. As a foundational software layer and application run-time environment, Apprenda abstracts away the complexities of building and delivering modern software applications, enabling enterprises to turn ideas into innovations more quickly. With Apprenda, enterprises can securely deliver an entire ecosystem of data, services, applications and application programming interfaces to both internal and external customers across any infrastructure. Safeguard deployed $ 12.1 million in Apprenda in November 2013 and has a 21% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Apprenda was named by Gartner as an early leader for private cloud enabled application platforms (“CEAP”), a new category with a potential annual market opportunity of up to $ 4 billion. CEAP provides PaaS functionality as a software product, allowing an enterprise to write to a platform that can be deployed in-house on their servers or externally on another vendor’s cloud.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, market interest in Apprenda’s PaaS solutions remained strong, and the company initiated aggressive recruitment to expand its team to meet demand. In addition, the company was designated VMware Ready-vCloud® Air™ status, indicating technical validation and support of Apprenda on VMware platforms. Apprenda also announced that beginning in the fall of 2015, Apprenda solutions will be available in the Cisco Intercloud Marketplace. The Apprenda-Cisco collaboration builds upon recent partnerships with Piston Cloud (recently acquired by Cisco) and Microsoft Azure. Subsequent to the second quarter of 2015, Safeguard led a $ 24 million funding round, deploying $ 10.0 million in follow-on funding., Inc. (King of Prussia, PA — High Traction Stage) (“Beyond”), The Career NetworkTM, helps millions of professionals find jobs and advance their careers while also serving as the premier destination for companies in need of top talent. This is achieved through more than 500 talent communities that use integrated social features to help members discover relevant jobs, career news, career advice and resources. Safeguard deployed $ 13.5 million of capital in Beyond in March 2007 and has a 38% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The global human capital management market is estimated to be $ 85 billion. According to International Data Corporation, the U.S. recruiting market is estimated to be between $ 15 billion and $ 20 billion, while the U.S. online recruiting market is estimated to be approximately $ 5.3 billion.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Beyond received Clickcast certification from, a provider of a pay-per-applicant exchange and producers of Clickcast, a click-based programmatic ad-buying tool used by the majority of U.S. recruitment advertising agencies for buying and managing performance-based recruitment advertising campaigns. In addition, Beyond partnered with TextRecruit, LLC to allow recruiters to engage with Beyond’s text-ready members who want to receive personalized text messages about job opportunities.

Bridgevine, Inc. (Atlanta, GA — High Traction Stage)

Bridgevine provides a technology-enabled cross-sell and up-sell suite of solutions that enable customer acquisition and value-added services for enterprise customers. Bridgevine is relied upon by many of the largest and leading companies in energy, satellite, cable, telecom and home security. Providing a fully-managed service along with unique products in social, display and mobile marketing, Bridgevine continues to deepen existing relationships and broaden into new verticals. Supporting over 50 million consumer interactions annually, Bridgevine’s SaaS-based platform boasts the largest volume and scale of any of its competitors. Safeguard has deployed $ 10.0 million in Bridgevine since August 2007 and has a 17% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Barclays PLC estimates that the online lead generation/e-mail marketing market is expected to grow to $ 2.0 billion in 2016. In addition, the market for online search-related marketing is estimated to grow from $ 17.7 billion in 2012 to $ 29.9 billion in 2016.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Bridgevine announced an enhanced programmatic marketing service that allows advertisers to identify and engage consumers who are moving. The Bridgevine movers program reaches an estimated 3.2 million movers each month with offers of telecom, home security, furnishings and other products and services. The company reported strong growth year to date in its utilities channel with expansion by several of the country’s largest utilities.

CloudMine, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA — Initial Revenue Stage)

CloudMine is a mobile backend-as-a-service (“mBaaS”) platform that empowers enterprise developers to build secure, compliant and performant applications up to 70% faster than do-it-yourself methods. At CloudMine, the mission is to reduce complexity, allowing mobile developers to build compelling app content without sacrificing security, data privacy, or the ability to deliver meaningful innovation. CloudMine’s secure mobile foundation is HIPAA and HITECH compliant, and used by world-class enterprises including Mylan, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Barnes & Noble College, and Digitas Health to drive end-user engagement and intelligence. These customers are able to build apps using best-of-breed tools centered on mobile-specific services (push notifications, geolocation, etc.), data security/encryption, app scale, audit ability, logging, and continuous availability. Moreover, CloudMine developers have the flexibility to build and deploy the apps on a variety of leading cloud infrastructure-as-a-service providers—Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Microsoft, and CenturyLink—and select the optimal programming language to fit their resourcing, and technical requirements. As a leader in embracing JavaScript in the enterprise, CloudMine empowers customers to quickly repurpose resources with web skills to usher in a new era of app offerings for connected devices, while concurrently benefiting from the agility and power of the cloud. Safeguard deployed $ 2.9 million in CloudMine in February 2015 and has a 30% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — By 2017, the mobile mBaaS market is projected to be $ 7.7 billion, up from $ 216 million in 2012, according to MarketsandMarkets Research. Today, 50% of business processes that involve human tasks require near-real-time responses that are mobile-enabled, according to Gartner research.

Operating Highlights — CloudMine was recently featured on CNBC as a hot mobile startup to watch, describing CloudMine as “hoping to be the go-to provider for things like object storage, load balancing and analytics.” Mobile app development is essential to meeting expectations for customer engagement and business growth, according to a February 2015 study by Forrester Research. Adoption of mobile apps is high and increasing: more than 2 billion people will have smartphones and tablets by the end of 2015, Forrester says. By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them, according to Gartner, Inc. Mobile developers and publishers sent more than 1 trillion push notifications to users in 2014 alone, according to a report by Venture Beat News.

Clutch Holdings, Inc. (Ambler, PA — Initial Revenue Stage)

Clutch Holdings (“Clutch”) is a leading provider of advanced consumer management technology that delivers customer intelligence and consumer engagement solutions to premium brands. Clutch’s comprehensive consumer management platform empowers customer-focused businesses to identify, understand and engage their most valuable customers. Clutch’s pioneering customer marketing technology integrates a brand’s first-party, cross-channel customer data spanning traditional point-of-sale systems, ecommerce platforms, mobile applications and social networks providing brands strategic understanding to personalize engagements to their customers. Clutch’s solutions deliver exceptional experiences to more than 46 million customers of more than 750 brands across 14 countries. Safeguard has deployed $ 12.3 million in Clutch since February 2013 and has a 39% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The consumer management category is an emerging, multi-billion dollar industry focused on delivering premier brands the ability to maximize relationships with, and the lifetime value of, their customers. Clutch’s advanced technology platform and consultative approach delivers multidimensional intelligence, sophisticated understanding, strategic engagement and powerful optimization to achieve this.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Clutch raised an additional $ 5.0 million to close its Series B financing, led by Safeguard, bringing Clutch’s total capital raised to $ 14.4 million. Proceeds will be used to accelerate sales and marketing initiatives, particularly in specialty retail, apparel, media, hospitality, and pharmaceutical/healthcare sectors. Recent client additions for Clutch include Meineke, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Marbles: The Brain Store, and Latitude360. Clutch’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ned Moore, was named a finalist for ‘Technology CEO of the Year’ Enterprise Award from the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technology.

Full Measure Education, Inc. (Washington, DC — Initial Revenue Stage)

Full Measure Education offers colleges and universities a cost-effective SaaS student engagement platform to maximize student success. This system-wide infrastructure increases student persistence, engagement and goal accomplishments, delivering information to students when they want it and how they have come to expect it. With Full Measure Education, schools can redesign communication and student services to streamline administrative processes, automate steps where possible and deliver personalized support to each student. By delivering personalized, relevant and timely communications to students across the entire student lifecycle, students are inspired to achieve their academic goals and institutions can intervene when students exhibit at-risk behavior. Safeguard deployed $ 4.0 million in Full Measure Education in January 2015 and has a 25% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — In the community and junior college markets, there are more than 1,132 colleges. The average revenue per community college is $ 56 million, which means that the total annual revenue for the community and junior colleges market is approximately $ 60 billion. These colleges spend $ 2.5 billion of their budgets on student services, which is the opportunity that Full Measure Education targets.

Operating Highlights — Full Measure Education raised $ 5.5 million in a Series B financing led by Safeguard with participation from Bull City Venture Partners. Full Measure Education is utilizing proceeds to expand sales and marketing and to accelerate platform development. Full Measure Education has partnered with a number of key school and technology partners, including University of Pittsburgh-Bradford, Kansas City Kansas Community College and Parchment.

Hoopla Software, Inc. (San Jose, CA — Initial Revenue Stage)

Hoopla Software (“Hoopla”) provides cloud-based software that helps sales organizations inspire and motivate sales team performance. Hoopla’s Sales Motivation Platform combines modern game mechanics, data analytics and broadcast-quality video in a cloud application that makes it easy for managers to motivate team performance and score more wins. Using Hoopla, managers can quickly create contests, competitions and leaderboards around any customer relationship management metric and can broadcast live performance updates to any TV, web or mobile screen, engaging the entire company in an exciting, play-to-win culture. Safeguard has deployed $ 3.1 million in Hoopla since December 2011 and has a 26% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Hoopla is in the employee performance management market. U.S. companies spend approximately $ 5 billion on employee performance software and almost $ 38 billion on employee incentives every year. Hoopla’s platform takes advantage of data analytics and advanced gamification techniques to enhance performance.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Hoopla was credited with driving increased lead and sales activity at Glassdoor, a jobs and career site. Sales team participation in the Hoopla system increased from 50% to 100% and appointments booked jumped to 125% of the company goal, according to Glassdoor’s sales operations manager in an excerpt from the book, The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling Your Sales. Hoopla continues to expand its sales, marketing and product development efforts to meet the rapidly growing demand for its software.

InsideVault, Inc. (Redwood City, CA — Initial Revenue Stage)

InsideVault is a rapidly growing SaaS company that provides predictive advertising management software for search, social, and mobile, which is the largest digital advertising category in the world. InsideVault was founded with a vision to reinvent advertising management software for enterprise-level advertisers. InsideVault re-architected the foundation to bring together machine learning, distributed cloud, and in-memory processing technologies providing the most intelligent, most scalable, and fastest platform. A global community of sophisticated marketers like AOL, Ogilvy, and are making the switch to InsideVault to take advantage of its cutting-edge data science and big data engine. Safeguard deployed $ 7.0 million in InsideVault in June 2015 and has a 25% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — InsideVault competes in the addressable advertising management market that is estimated at $ 15 billion annually.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, InsideVault raised $ 10.3 million. Proceeds will be used for product development and to expand the company’s sales and marketing team. InsideVault’s clients currently include Advanced Auto Parts, HomeAdvisor, 1-800-Dentist, Shoedazzle, and Paychex.

Lumesis, Inc. (Stamford, CT — Initial Revenue Stage)

Lumesis is a financial technology company focused on providing business efficiency, data and regulatory solutions to the municipal bond marketplace. Lumesis serves the municipal market with industry-leading analysis and compliance solutions that meet the needs of an evolving regulatory environment. Lumesis’ DIVER platform helps more than 100 firms with more than 40,000 users efficiently meet credit, regulatory and risk needs. Safeguard has deployed $ 5.6 million in Lumesis since February 2012 and has a 45% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Lumesis focuses on delivering its solutions to portfolio managers, investment advisors, compliance professionals, financial advisor networks and issuers/underwriters in the municipal bond marketplace, which has doubled over the past 10 years. Lumesis estimates that its current addressable market to this customer base is approximately $ 1 billion on an annual basis.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Lumesis announced a strategic relationship with Pershing, a BNY Mellon company. The content integration into Pershing’s platform for broker-dealers, wealth managers and advisors provides Pershing clients with enhanced access to required information for disclosure and ongoing portfolio surveillance. In addition, Lumesis and Build America Mutual (“BAM”), an insurer of U.S. municipal bonds, launched a joint initiative to provide BAM’s obligor disclosure briefs and capacity for secondary market insurance to Lumesis’ users. Lumesis and Ipreo, a global provider of workflow solutions and market intelligence to financial services and corporate professionals, announced that they are collaborating to launch DIVER Underwriter and make it available via Ipreo’s new issue calendar in response to continued regulatory focus on underwriting practices. DIVER Underwriter helps firms perform reasonable diligence consistent with their policies and procedures and delivers significant efficiencies, allowing firms to maximize the number of deals they can bid while meeting regulatory requirements. Lumesis and Ipreo are also offering direct access to DIVER Advisor Municipal Bond Reports directly from Ipreo’s Bookrunning system.

MediaMath, Inc. (New York, NY — High Traction Stage)

MediaMath is a global technology company that is leading the movement to revolutionize traditional marketing and drive transformative results for marketers through its TerminalOne (T1) Marketing Operating System™. A pioneer in the industry introducing the first demand-side platform, MediaMath is the only company of its kind to empower marketers with an extensible, open platform to unleash the power of goal-based marketing at scale, transparently across the enterprise. T1 activates data, automates execution and optimizes interactions across all addressable media, delivering superior performance, transparency and control to all marketers with better, more individualized experiences for consumers. Safeguard has deployed $ 25.5 million in MediaMath since July 2009 and has a 21% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — According to eMarketer, total digital ad spending is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 14% between 2015 and 2018. Worldwide digital ad spending is estimated to be $ 578 billion in 2015, while programmatic direct ad spending is projected to be $ 171 billion in 2015.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, MediaMath and PubMatic, one of MediaMath’s gold-certified OPEN partners, expanded their relationship to include programmatic sales of premium mobile, video, and direct advertising inventory. In addition to its existing application program interface (“API”) integration, MediaMath will soon offer its clients API-based access to premium mobile and video inventory through PubMatic. As part of its continued expansion, MediaMath opened offices in Dallas and Berlin. MediaMath expanded its leadership team, hiring: Peter Piazza, General Counsel; Prasad Chalasani, SVP, Data Science; and Peter Davies, Head of North American Sales. MediaMath gained industry recognition, named by Business Insider as one of “the hottest pre-IPO ad tech startups,” while CEO Joe Zawadski was named one of the 25 highest rated chief executives of small and medium businesses in employee surveys conducted by Glassdoor for the year ended April 2015 and was recently featured on CNN Money.

Pneuron Corporation (Woburn, MA — Initial Revenue Stage)

Pneuron enables organizations to rapidly solve business problems through a groundbreaking, distributed approach that cuts across data, applications and processes. By targeting the right information at the data source, companies are no longer faced with the complex integration and infrastructure requirements of traditional approaches. Pneuron’s innovative Distributed Solutions Platform leverages a microservices-styled architecture to enable customers to accelerate business value and develop reports, products and applications in half the time and cost of traditional methods. Pneuron’s distributed approach is non-invasive, technology-agnostic and leverages an organization’s existing infrastructure, avoiding the deployment risks and IT concerns that are prevalent in today’s centralized data projects. Safeguard deployed $ 8.5 million in Pneuron since February 2013 and has a 35% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The financial services industry spends approximately $ 10 billion per year on cloud enablement, information management software and business intelligence/analytics/collaboration, based on Forrester Research estimates. Analysts agree that Pneuron does not fit neatly into any category, and that the company is positioned to be a disruptive player across the financial services industry.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Pneuron successfully completed a $ 5 million Series B-1 funding, led by Safeguard. Inclusive of this additional capital, Pneuron has raised $ 13.25 million in funding. Proceeds will be used to hire key scale-up resources in sales, sales engineering and implementation to deliver on the significant growth over the last two years across the Distributed Analytics space and the new category of Analytics on the Edge. Pneuron also was granted a key patent (No. 9,020,868) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office related to the company’s distributed analytics platform during the period. In addition, Gartner named Pneuron one of four “Cool Vendors in Big Data, 2015,” noting that “Pneuron helps companies realize the time to value and agility advantages of a distributed data and analytics approach. Businesses no longer spend triple the time and costs needed to solve problems.”

Sonobi, Inc. (New York, NY — Initial Revenue Stage)

Sonobi is an advertising technology developer that creates forward-thinking, data-driven tools and solutions to meet the evolving needs of demand- and sell-side organizations within the digital media marketplace. Sonobi helps its clients and strategic partners to forecast new market opportunity, enhance value delivery to clients, and create more profitable businesses through integration of progressive data procurement and user-centric sales management technologies. The company’s primary product is Sonobi Jetstream, a comprehensive online advertising marketplace platform. Safeguard deployed $ 5.4 million in Sonobi in May 2015 and has a 23% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Premium online advertising is anticipated to grow to a $ 43 billion market, according to eMarketer, in which programmatic technology has not been fully applied, Sonobi is well-positioned to develop this important advertising segment, with strong technology, synergistic partnerships, a high-quality publisher base and a growing pipeline.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Sonobi raised a $ 5.4 million Series A financing round funded by Safeguard. Proceeds will be used to accelerate development of Sonobi Jetstream technology and to expand the company’s sales and marketing teams. Sonobi serves a number of tier-1 publishers including Hearst Magazines Digital Media, Reader’s Digest Association, Scripps, Bonnier Corp, MailOnline, and Intermarkets. Negotiations are underway with strategic partners on the buy-side, ahead of the full release of the Sonobi Jetstream platform.

Spongecell, Inc. (New York, NY — Expansion Stage)

Spongecell is a programmatic creative solution that leverages data-driven technology to automate the production and delivery of high-quality ads at scale across display, mobile and video. Spongecell’s creative management platform helps brands, along with their creative and media agencies, to create more meaningful consumer engagement without sacrificing speed or scale. Spongecell works with some of the biggest companies in the world to drive their digital advertising campaigns and bring more interactive, personalized and engaging ad experiences to potential customers. Safeguard has deployed $ 14.0 million in Spongecell since January 2012 and has a 23% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — The size of the U.S. Internet advertising market was approximately $ 49.5 billion in 2014, with a nine-year compound annual growth rate of 17%. Spongecell specifically addresses the high-growth mobile, video, rich media and display sub-markets, which represent approximately 40% of the total U.S. Internet advertising market.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, Michael Nevins, an advertising and marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience, joined the company as vice president for global marketing to support product development and global expansion. Spongecell is realizing significant traction with its dynamic creative product, which allows ad content to be updated in real-time based on parameters such as weather, user location and consumer habits. Spongecell is working to help clients move from Flash to Spongecell’s HTML5 ad product, which offers interactive features and dynamic creative functionality in a multiscreen format. In addition, Spongecell is expanding its data partnerships, adding integrations with several major data management platforms to allow brands to access their first-party data to make smarter advertising decisions.

Transactis, Inc. (New York, NY — Expansion Stage)

Transactis is a leading provider of electronic billing and payment solutions. Transactis’ cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment (“EBPP”) platform, BillerIQ, is a white-labeled solution that is offered “as-a-service,” enabling businesses to rapidly and securely deliver electronic bills, invoices and documents as well as accept payments online, by phone and via mobile device. BillerIQ is an extremely flexible and scalable platform for businesses ranging from 50 bills per month to Fortune 50 companies with hundreds of thousands of bills per month, across a variety of industries including property management, healthcare, insurance, public sector, utilities and financial services. The deep functionality of BillerIQ helps companies improve both their business-to-consumer and business-to-business payment management, increase collection yields and accelerate cash flow all while reducing costs. Safeguard deployed $ 9.5 million in Transactis in August 2014 and has a 25% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — Fewer than 20% of bills are presented electronically in the U.S. The majority of 1990s-vintage technology and products in this market are on site at a single biller and are client-server oriented. The channel-oriented Transactis model features up-to-date SaaS infrastructure and is positioned to grow with an EBPP market that is expanding at a compound annual rate of 16%, according to a 2013 report by marketing consultant Latente Group.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, research and advisory firm Gartner named Transactis among “Cool Vendors for 2015,” citing the company’s superior electronics payments solution. In addition, Transactis earned a Top 100 North America award from Red Herring. Transactis also ranked #420 on the Inc. 500 list and #121 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

WebLinc, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA — Expansion Stage)

WebLinc is a commerce platform provider for fast growing online retailers. WebLinc tailors its commerce platform to the needs and scale of mid to large retailers by leveraging extensive experience and success supporting clients’ need for fast growth and system flexibility. By building upon the latest technologies such as Ruby on Rails and MongoDB, WebLinc’s commerce platform has successfully supported some of the fastest growing online retailers. The company’s clients include Do It Best Corp., The Mint Julep Boutique, Urban Outfitters’ brand Free People, U.S. Polo Assn., Thomas Scientific, Jeffers Pet, Hello Kitty and many more. Safeguard deployed $ 6.0 million in WebLinc in August 2014 and has a 29% primary ownership position.

Market Opportunity — According to comScore, eCommerce grew at a rate of 13% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2014, while offline retail was nearly flat, achieving 1% growth from the year before. As this trend continues, WebLinc is positioned to continue helping business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies provide the omnichannel experience that customers now expect. WebLinc accomplishes this through a highly scalable platform, which provides full brand control, depth of features and operational flexibility needed to run the most dynamic retail operations. WebLinc’s early adoption of responsive web design and expertise developing native mobile apps helps clients maximize multi-channel revenue and outperform the competition.

Operating Highlights — During the second quarter of 2015, WebLinc announced new engagements with domestic and international retailers Jordache, Estuyo of Colombia, and Urban Outfitters’ home and garden brand Terrain. WebLinc also announced technology partnerships with retail marketing provider Listrak; order management provider Jagged Peak; and International Checkout, Inc., which allows retailers to easily serve foreign markets. These strategic partnerships include pre-integrations with the WebLinc commerce platform to give WebLinc clients easy access to industry-leading solutions for critical eCommerce needs.


Please call 10-15 minutes prior to the call to register.

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2015

Time: 9:00am EDT


Live Number: 877-201-0168 // (International) +1 647-788-4901

Replay Number: 855-859-2056 // (International) +1 404-537-3406

Access Code: 72550967

Speakers: President and Chief Executive Officer, Stephen T. Zarrilli; and Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Jeffrey B. McGroarty.

Format: Discussion of second quarter 2015 financial results followed by Q&A.

Replay will be available through August 23, 2015 at 11:59pm EDT. For more information please contact IR(at)safeguard(dot)com.


Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE:SFE) has a distinguished track record of fostering innovation and building market leaders. For six decades, Safeguard has been providing growth capital and operational support to entrepreneurs across an evolving spectrum of industries. Today, Safeguard is focused on two sectors—healthcare and technology. In these sectors, Safeguard specifically targets early- and growth-stage companies in advertising technology, digital media, financial technology, enterprise software, Internet of Things, devices, diagnostics, digital health and healthcare IT. For more information, please visit or Follow Us on Twitter @safeguard.


Except for the historical information and discussions contained herein, statements contained in this release may constitute “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Our forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. The risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially include, among others, our ability to make good decisions about the deployment of capital, the fact that our partner companies may vary from period to period, our substantial capital requirements and absence of liquidity from our partner company holdings, fluctuations in the market prices of our publicly traded partner company holdings, competition, our inability to obtain maximum value for our partner company holdings, our ability to attract and retain qualified employees, market valuations in sectors in which our partner companies operate, our inability to control our partner companies, our need to manage our assets to avoid registration under the Investment Company Act of 1940, and risks associated with our partner companies, including the fact that most of our partner companies have a limited history and a history of operating losses, face intense competition and may never be profitable, the effect of economic conditions in the business sectors in which Safeguard’s partner companies operate, and other uncertainties described in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Many of these factors are beyond the Company’s ability to predict or control. As a result of these and other factors, the Company’s past financial performance should not be relied on as an indication of future performance. The Company does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statements or other information contained in this press release.

CLICK HERE: Safeguard Scientifics Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results – Press Release and Financials

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Star2Star Named a CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award Winner

Star2Star Communications, developers of “The World’s Most Scalable Cloud Communications Solution,” today announced that the company’s StarCenter contact center was named as a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner presented by CUSTOMER magazine.

This tenth-annual Contact Center Technology Award honors vendors and technologies that have embraced technology as a key tool for customer service excellence. This award distinguishes their success as innovators, thought leaders, and market movers in the contact center and customer care industries.

“This award is the latest in a long series of wins for Star2Star,” said Michelle Accardi, Chief Marketing Officer. “We’ve made several key enhancements to StarCenter, including improved reporting and alerting tools that are extremely easy to deploy,” she continued.

StarCenter is a full-featured inbound contact center, available as an optional service for Star2Star customers of any size. StarCenter is provided as a service, so it does not require any additional hardware or software.

About Star2Star:

Founded in 2006 in Sarasota, Florida, Star2Star Communications delivers the World’s Most Complete and Scalable Cloud Communications Solution. Star2Star’s award-winning, patent-pending Constellation™ Network overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other communications technologies.

In the past four years, Star2Star was named to the Forbes Most Promising Companies list, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 three times, and the Inc. 500|5000 four times. Star2Star also recently received Inc. Magazine’s Hire Power Award honoring the top private business job creators in the country. The company was recognized by Gartner in their 2014 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, and was named by Infonetics as a Top 10 Hosted Business VoIP/UC Provider.

Star2Star Communications solutions are sold through a diversified network of partners that include distributors, master agents, managed service providers and certified installing dealers. Available across North America, Star2Star systems are used by hundreds of thousands

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Nodify Announces Next Generation Nodes for Faster and More Robust Wi-Fi Connectivity

Nodify’s concurrent Dual Band Nodes provide the ultimate in flexibility and performance by utilizing two independent, Wi-Fi radios,(2.4GHz and 5 GHz). More than 1,000 models of mobile devices sold today are 802.11ac-certified. This has many businesses rushing to future-proof their networks in preparation for the influx. Nodify’s Dual Band Nodes will allow for faster and more robust Wi-Fi connectivity resulting in a superior data collection and an enhanced user experience.

The Nodify System ™, creates a secure proprietary network. This protected network provides an added benefit for both clients and customers. Clients are able to see real time footfall traffic patterns and send relevant offers and information when a user is in or near a specific location. Nodify is a cloud based platform combined with a robust database backend, both an SDK or branded white label app are available.

Unlike Beacons, the Nodify system is devise agnostic, interacting with 100% of all smartphones and is not reliant on Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Less than 30% of the smartphones users today keep Bluetooth turned on at all times. In contrast the overwhelming majority of users keep Wi-Fi on at all times.

Nodify delivers complete property analytics i.e. footfall traffic patterns, allowing operations to see all smartphone carrying users, not just ones who have a specific app. Analytics are critical to having a better understanding of what is happening at a specific venue. Nodify ‘tracks’ passenger and customer flow, aggregates that information and provides real-time updates on, wait or queue times. Through the Nodify client portal, clients can readily recognizes customers through visibility, identifying repeat customers, new customers, customers from another location, walk and drive by’s and see employees. All data is exportable.

Industry standards for privacy are strictly adhered to, so until the user has opted into an app which has been Nodify enabled, with the SDK, the data is completely anonymous.

The Nodify Proximity Marketing platform provides clients with an easy to use web-based portal to create and send promotions, offers or other messages. The system allows Nodify’s partners and clients to reach out and engage their customers when they are in an area or location that is Nodify enabled. End users receive information, coupons, offers and promotions at precisely the right time, at or near point of purchase. A recent study confirmed that timely offers are critical with 72% of consumers indicating they will act favorably on a call to action if they receive it while in or near a point of interest Maintaining the Nodify system, changing location of Nodes, modifying radiuses (.5 to 90 meters) and creating message content is simple and does not require any specialized training, Nodes are updated remotely.

Nodify is currently installed and working in multiple verticals across the US including; mutable QSR’s, Convenience and Fuel, Pharmacy, Grocery, Hospitality and Recreation. Additionally, the platform is in installed in Europe at one of the largest global retailers, a leading Convenience and Fuel retailer, and other major other well known Convenience and Fuel retailers and QSR’s in Central America.

About Nodify Networks, Inc

Nodify is an integrated real-time system for measuring all smartphone traffic, including Android, Windows and other devices, at any location with ability to engage customers with relevant and timely offerings. The system provides analytics and permission based customer engagement.

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DataBank Client Earns National Award for TIES Software

TIES, a business intelligence and analytics software solution developed in full by DataBank for Minnesota’s Crow Wing County Community Services, received a Human Services Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACo). The association recognizes 21 different categories each year looking for county governments that develop the most cutting-edge and impactful programs.

Vice President of Client Solutions at DataBank, Matt Charlson stated, “This was a good opportunity for the team at Databank to better understand and address the business process challenges stemming from a lack of visibility from a 360-degree, client-centric perspective. We have spent several years simplifying the paper-based business process within eligibility, child support enforcement, and many other program areas with electronic document management solutions. The next frontier is data analytics and breaking down the silos. We are excited for any chance we get to work with the counties and help enable their initiatives such as no wrong door and coordinated case management.”

The TIES computer program is allowing for greater collaboration and compliance practices among workers both within and across programs, particularly by facilitating the Community Case Management (CCM) process, during which case managers communicate with one another about the needs of a client in common.

Sheila Skogen, community services operations manager at Crow Wing County said, “DataBank was very adaptable and worked closely with our team, our employees one on one, and our IT folks. Because they know the work so well, they could anticipate the pressure points and anticipate the staff that may have some resistance and/or learning curve issues. Engaging with these folks one on one and encouraging their growth meant everything to those staff and our leadership team.”

About DataBank

As one of the largest business process automation companies in North America, DataBank offers scalable solutions that enable organizations to maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and provide visible service level improvements. DataBank uses their 20+ years of experience to streamline document, data, and labor-intensive business processes with ECM software, workflow design and implementation, business process outsourcing and cloud (Saas) solutions. For more information on DataBank’s solutions and services, please visit or call 1-800-873-9426.

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GRM Document Management Welcomes Clients to the New eAccess

eAccess GRM Document Management

“This new version,” said GRM Vice President, Ronen Grady, “provides a significantly refreshed eAccess system with enhanced navigation and improved feature functionality across the board, designed to make the overall experience more intuitive, convenient and productive. Our aim, with this upgrade, is to provide each and every one of our valued customers with an easier, less stressful and more effective way to access information, manage inventories, place orders and generate reports.”

Existing GRM customers can see all the enhancements for themselves by using their current eAccess credentials to sign in and take a tour now. Among the new features, users will find an enhanced navigation interface, a redesigned help manual, improvements to all functions and the latest information about GRM services. Also provided are language translation capabilities, a Scan-On-Request quick button, drop down menus and paperless invoice support for greater security and reduced office clutter.

Cloud based and powered by O’Neil software, the new eAccess continues to ensure compliance with the government regulatory mandates of today, enabling any business in any industry to easily set up a virtual record center on a computer desktop. With just a few clicks, an authorized user can locate an item, arrange pickups or deliveries and handle billing 24/7. The service even lets users generate and print customized reports on Inventory Add-Ons, Destruction Eligibility, GRM Invoices, Financial by Item Audit and Refiling.

“Additionally,” continued Grady, “eAccess enables inventory searches using key words, media type searches via date or sequence ranges, and the addition or removal of users based on department or job function criteria. I should mention, too that the system’s SaaS—Sof tware as a Service—architecture works in conjunction with other GRM offerings such as our VisualVault digital repository and our PrecisionPLUS barcode labeling/tracking service.”

GRM further supports eAccess users by providing labels, mobile barcode scanners and expert advice when and as needed.

All in all, as a portal for off-site inventories stored with GRM, eAccess is a time-saving, reliable tool for meeting a company’s information management needs. With the host of improved features now available through this update, it will continue to help GRM customers cut operational costs, improve productivity and supply chain efficiency, reduce waste and lower risk.

More About GRM

GRM Document Management is a leading provider of lifecycle records and information management solutions. The company continues to demonstrate technological leadership by bringing proprietary innovation and new levels of cost efficiency to document storage, data protection, digital/electronic document management and certified destruction.

Fully integrated products and services include: eAccess remote inventory control, the VisualVault Online Record Center ECM platform, business process workflow automation, the industry’s most powerful eForms application tool, a blended paper to digital migration solution, medical Release of Information, the GRMpedia regulatory research tool and consultative Compliance/Governance expertise.

GRM’s full service capabilities are now available in 15 major markets throughout the U.S., including Austin, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

GRM is also currently the largest document storage/records management company in China and recently opened international locations in Lima, Peru and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. For more information, visit the GRM web site at

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Net Access Successfully Completes PCI DSS 3.0 and Service Organization Controls (SOC 1) Type 2 Assessments

Net Access

Net Access, a leading provider of hybrid colocation, cloud, connectivity and business continuity solutions, announced today that they have successfully completed comprehensive third-party assessments validating that their data centers meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) 3.0 and Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC 1) Type 2 standards of control.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements designed to eliminate credit card fraud by ensuring that all companies that process, store or transmit customer payment card information adhere to strict information security controls and processes. Version 3.0 of this standard became effective earlier this year. SOC 1 is an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants developed to measure the internal infrastructure and controls that a services organization has in place to ensure data protection, security, and confidentiality. Type 2 standards focus on both the design and operating effectiveness of the controls.

These audits, which were performed by BrightLine CPAs and Associates, Inc., a leading provider of attestation and compliance services, examined the controls, policies and processes that Net Access has in place for storing, handling, and transmitting data securely. It included a rigorous assessment of Net Access’ data center security management, written policies and procedures, physical security, network architecture, user access management, network and systems monitoring, and software development.

“With these validations Net Access continues to demonstrate our commitment to security and controls in both our data center and our solutions, and underscores the investment we’ve made to ensure that our customers’ information and infrastructure are safe,” said Raul Martynek, CEO of Net Access.

“Our customers place a great deal of trust in our ability to protect their valuable data and technology assets,” added Jason VanderPloog, Senior Vice President of Operations at Net Access. “We are pleased to also be able to assist them with some of their compliance obligations.”

In addition to PCI DSS 3.0 and SOC 1 Type 2, Net Access also meets the compliance and reporting standards of HIPAA/HITECH, SSAE 16 and the US–EU Safe Harbor Framework.

Copies of all of Net Access’ Attestation and Certification documents are available upon request.

ABOUT NET ACCESS: For enterprises and organizations who depend on the 24x7x365 availability of their vital IT infrastructure, Net Access provides a single?source for the highest?quality, most innovative and reliable technology services and solutions. Unlike traditional enterprise technology vendors, we are inherently curious and passionate about constantly identifying, proving and delivering better ways to help clients manage their evolving technology needs. Learn more about our company history, our people and just what makes us different… and better by visiting .

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451 Research shows cloud costs falling slowly, but unearths huge savings for enterprises willing to commit

The latest 451 Research Cloud Price Index™ finds that while on-demand pricing has fallen only slightly at 2.25% since October 2014, it is nowhere near matching the 12% reduction achieved by those enterprises that negotiate and commit.

Using 451 Research’s cloud pricing model, representing a typical multi-service on-demand application, the cost is now $ 1.68 per hour; in October 2014, the cost for the equivalent basket of cloud services was $ 1.72.

Revealing the extent to which service providers encourage commitment to help them plan capacity and ensure capital for infrastructure investment, 451 Research’s best-case price indicator is only $ 0.95 – a huge 44% savings compared to on-demand. The best-case price measures the same application used the same way as on-demand pricing, but takes into consideration negotiation, subscriptions, reserved instances, term commitments, and sustained-use discounts.

Although the Cloud Price Index shows compute pricing has fallen by 4% and bandwidth has come down 3%, service providers are enjoying increased revenue and profits from other services such as management, PaaS, data and storage pricing, which have remained static over the same period.

“If you believe the hype, public cloud providers are in a cutthroat price war and ‘race to the bottom,’ where margins are being slashed, and profitability is at risk,” said Dr. Owen Rogers, senior analyst at 451 Research’s Digital Economics unit.

“The reality is there is no cloud price war. There are battles being fought over certain cloud services, particularly compute, where providers are seeking publicity and market share in return for price cuts. But cloud providers are more than just compute – considering 50% of our typical Web application’s costs relate to cloud databases, it’s easy to see how sales of more value-adding services can offset declining margins on basic services,” commented Rogers.

“Cloud has no bottom price,” Rogers adds. “Even if infrastructure is eventually given away for free, as long as the provider sells other services, which offset this loss, then it can still be a profitable business.”

The Cloud Price Index™ from 451 Research

451 Research created the Cloud Price Index to understand the real-world cost of cloud over time. Like a consumer price index, 451 Research’s Cloud Price Index is made up of a basket of goods, but in this case, it is a specification of the services required to operate a typical Web server application. The Cloud Price Index is the specification of a multi-service three-tier cloud application consisting of Linux VMs, object storage, block storage, relational databases, NoSQL databases, load balancing, access control lists and snapshot backup in a resilient architecture.

451 Research collects quotes from providers including AWS, CenturyLink, Colt, Google, Microsoft, Rackspace, Swisscom, Verizon and Windstream, representing 70% of today’s cloud market. By considering not just compute and storage in our basket, 451 analysts can understand pricing when related to end users’ real expenses, as well as service providers’ overall strategies. And we can analyze pricing now only in terms of on-demand consumption, but also when related to enterprise commitments and negotiations.

About 451 Research

451 Research is a preeminent information technology research and advisory company. With a core focus on technology innovation and market disruption, we provide essential insight for leaders of the digital economy. More than 100 analysts and consultants deliver that insight via syndicated research, quarterly market surveys of over 3,000 industry professionals, advisory services and live events to more than 1,000 client organizations in North America, Europe and around the world. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York, 451 Research is a division of The 451 Group. Learn more.

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ComputeNext Launches CloudED: Cloud Channel and Reseller Education Program

New from ComputeNext: CloudED

ComputeNext, a Bellevue-based cloud company, announced today the launch of its new Channel Training & Education Program, “CloudED.” The new program seeks to train cloud resellers strategies to transition customers from traditional IT solutions to cloud-based models.

CloudED consists of marketplace-specific video tutorials necessary for channel professionals partnering with the ComputeNext platform as well as general cloud certification provided by partner CompTIA, free-of-charge.

ComputeNext brings a unique cloud brokerage platform to the market, which is what CloudED aims to teach users about. Its Global Cloud Marketplace is a platform which enables cloud service commerce, provisioning, and management from cloud hosting providers in over 60 locations worldwide. This platform is also available as a white-label solution which can be offered as a Marketplace-as-a-Service or a custom deployment for telecommunications companies, service providers, and large IT resellers/distributors. The platform can be rapidly deployed and customized for partners based on the cloud platforms, products, and services they wish to offer.

The program, created by ComputeNext’s Director of Channel Development, Dan Moore, was designed to help meet the challenges of keeping revenues up while ushering customers from traditional, physical IT to off-premise cloud services.

Moore believes that there is “a huge need for education and training resources that can better equip these organizations to lead cloud conversations, understand the larger market dynamics of cloud computing, and ultimately exude a sense of trustworthiness to their clients. Unfortunately, the plethora of platform & technology vendors respective to cloud services coupled with the barrage of marketing information about ‘going to the cloud’ can be very daunting and confusing as to what your first steps should be.”

The CloudED training program with optional CompTIA certification is available now at

About ComputeNext:

ComputeNext is an award-winning Cloud Marketplace Platform provider based in Bellevue, WA. They empower consumers, vendors, and distributors of cloud services to connect and transact in a transparent and near real-time service delivery model. Their platform empowers cloud service providers, IT resellers and distributors with a way to drive revenue and enhance customer loyalty with a white label cloud marketplace. Their Marketplace platform offers the widest selection of globally distributed cloud services and also enables enterprise IT an intuitive, cost-effective way to internally control, manage, and orchestrate cloud service procurement and delivery. Learn more at

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NewCloud Networks Appoints Sean Mares as Vice President of Sales

Sean Mares Named NewCloud VP of Sales

NewCloud Networks, a national cloud computing and communications provider, today announced it has appointed Sean Mares as vice president of sales. In this role, Mares will be responsible for direct sales, account management, and business development.

Mares joins NewCloud Networks from NetApp where he held roles in sales, partner management and engineering of ascending responsibility. Sean has a strong track record of developing, implementing and executing sales growth strategies and has consistently outperformed sales goals by over 150%.

“NewCloud Networks continues to grow at a rapid pace, having expanded to three new U.S. markets in the past year,” said Sam V. Kumar, founder and president of NewCloud Networks. “The addition of Sean Mares as vice president of sales is critical to capitalizing on sustained cloud demand across all markets, to penetrating new mid-enterprise accounts, and to effectively scaling sales operations across the country. We are excited to welcome Sean to the NewCloud family.”

“I am excited to join NewCloud Networks,” said Sean Mares, vice president of sales at NewCloud Networks. “I am confident that my experience and drive will help contribute to increased profitability and improved efficiency as NewCloud scales sales operations across the United States. There is incredible opportunity for growth at NewCloud and I look forward to working with the other distinguished members of the executive team to capitalize on it.”

Mares also brings direct experience in customer service, partner development, and finance to NewCloud, creating a well-rounded, financially sound, and customer-focused sales foundation for lasting success and loyalty.

About NewCloud Networks

Founded in 1988, NewCloud Networks (NCN) is a national cloud computing and communications provider specializing in hybrid cloud, cloud desktops, backup and disaster recovery, and hosted PBX. 2,500+ customers and 2,000+ sales partners choose NewCloud for the trust that comes from an established, financially stable, and transparent cloud company. NCN delivers real value, maximum uptime and performance, and solutions that are customized to customer needs. NewCloud’s unified cloud platform is SOC, HIPAA, and PCI compliant and features best-of-breed solutions that are priced competitively against commodity cloud offerings. The guiding principle – take care of customers, partners and employees and everything else will take care of itself – has led to a 95% cloud customer retention rate to date. Visit

NewCloud Networks Media Contact

Mark W. Jobson

ActivPosition | Co-Founder & CMO


+1 303-359-5452

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The Community Roundtable Chooses Higher Logic as its New Community Platform

The Community Roundtable & Higher Logic

The Community Roundtable, a professional development network for community, social media and social business professionals, will launch a new community platform for its current member community, TheCR Network. It chose Higher Logic, an industry leader in cloud-based, online community platforms.

The Community Roundtable focuses on advancing the business of community through research, education and TheCR Network – an unparalleled resource for community professionals. Organizations around the globe, from Fortune 500 brands to associations and start-ups, leverage the power of their communities to achieve business goals more efficiently, collaborate more effectively and communicate more openly with their audiences. Higher Logic has been a pioneer of this community strategy, building dynamic, private online communities for organizations worldwide.

“Higher Logic offers a great platform and dedicated people who understand The Community Roundtable’s long-term strategy for TheCR Network,” says Jim Storer, co-founder of The Community Roundtable. “Their track record with over 500 clients proves they understand how to meet our needs for relationship building and member satisfaction.”

As best practices for community engagement and strategy continue to evolve, Higher Logic offers an organizational community model useful for any group, from communications and marketing to client support and recruiting. The cornerstone of the Higher Logic platform is a cohesive, collaborative environment for community members to engage and network with each other, surrounded by community management knowledge and resources.

TheCR Network’s members will interact with a platform that is fully responsive, including unlimited discussions and libraries, modules for events and ongoing programs and enhanced email functionality, all to help members connect faster and easily engage in the community on their own terms.

“The Community Roundtable is a major thought leader in the community space,” says Hunter Montgomery, Higher Logic’s chief marketing officer. “We are excited to have them as a community partner, and look forward to great input and feedback from them regarding our product. We also hope to see them participating and asking questions on the Higher Logic Users Group (HUG), where we’ve put our own community platform to practice for our clients.”

The new community announcement follows the release of The Community Roundtable’s State of Community Management Report 2015, sponsored by Higher Logic.

About Higher Logic

Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based community platforms, with over 25 million engaged members in more than 200,000 communities. Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring like-minded people all together, by giving their community a home where they can meet, share ideas, answer questions and stay energized.

Higher Logic aims to empower relationship building and foster community evolution, which we believe are the fundamental elements to the long-term relevance of any organization. There’s no denying the power of community—by fostering its growth, you can open up a world of possibility. Tap into the power your community can generate for you. Learn more at

About The Community Roundtable

The Community Roundtable was established in 2009 as a professional development network for community, social media and social business professionals, providing an extensive array of training, tools, research and advisory services to members and enterprise customers both in and outside of the U.S. The CR Network gives members access to exclusive connections, events, training and resources, as well as immediate support from TheCR and peers from over 100 organizations in community and social business roles. TheCR’s Community Maturity Model has been adopted by customers worldwide as a framework to start, build and grow communities, and the annual State of Community Management provides in-depth analysis of the growth and maturation of community management.

Clients come from 100+ organizations, including SAP, Aetna, IEEE, H&R Block, Walgreens and CA Technologies. To learn more about TheCR Network, advisory services, tools and research, visit or follow on Twitter at @TheCR.

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Natural Insight Announces Partnership with iCIMS, Inc.

Simplify Workforce Management

Natural Insight, a leader in enterprise workforce management for retail merchandisers and field marketing agencies, today announced a partnership with iCIMS, Inc., a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition software solutions.

As a stand-alone platform, Natural Insight simplifies how employers schedule mobile workers, communicate priorities, measure productivity, execute tasks, capture data, and analyze results. As a result of this new partnership, joint customers of Natural Insight and iCIMS will have the ability to benefit from seamless labor automation services that begin with recruiting and hiring; extend to scheduling, time keeping, task management; and end with reporting for payroll.

“Delivering true end-to-end workforce management value requires that we integrate with best-in-class SaaS vendors like iCIMS,” said Stefan Midford, CEO of Natural Insight. “Beginning today, joint customers like Lawrence Merchandising can leverage iCIMS to more effectively recruit and hire talent on the front-end, and transition seamlessly into scheduling, measuring and managing those employees on the back-end.”

“Technology has permanently changed the way people apply for jobs and how employers hire. Organizations can no longer use old tools to achieve results in talent acquisition,” said Michael Wilczak, SVP Corporate Development at iCIMS. “As the demand for talent remains a top priority for CEOs, we’re pleased to provide Natural Insight’s customer base with seamless access to a talent acquisition software suite that is built with today’s needs in mind. We welcome Natural Insight to the iCIMS partner ecosystem and look forward to expanding iCIMS’ reach in the market.”

“As an organization, we are constantly striving to deliver heightened value for our clients,” said Christen Johnson, VP of Organizational Effectiveness at Lawrence Merchandising Services. “The partnership between Natural Insight and iCIMS will streamline our internal processes and improve the overall client offering. I am excited to leverage these efficiencies as we continue to grow our business.”    

About Natural Insight

Supporting 60,000 skilled professionals in more than 110,000 locations worldwide, Natural Insight is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management software to merchandisers, product companies, event marketers and retailers. Natural Insight is privately held and headquartered in Sterling, VA with offices in Toronto, Canada and Birmingham, England. Visit

About iCIMS, Inc.:

iCIMS, a leading provider of innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, is an Inc. 500 and Software Satisfaction honoree focused on helping businesses win the war for top talent through the implementation of easy-to-use, scalable solutions that are backed by award-winning customer service. iCIMS’ Talent Platform, the industry’s premier candidate management solution, enables organizations to leverage mobile, social, and video technologies to manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle from building talent pools, to recruiting, to onboarding all within a single web-based application. With more than 2,700 clients worldwide, iCIMS is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent acquisition system providers with offices in North America, UK, and China. To learn more about how iCIMS can help your organization, visit or view a free online demo of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

About Lawrence Merchandising Services:

Lawrence Merchandising is a national Retail Merchandising Service Organization and industry leader based in Minneapolis, MN. For over 50 years, Lawrence has helped retailers, suppliers and manufacturers achieve their sales and profit goals through reliable in-store merchandising support. Lawrence is dedicated to delivering client value and offering solutions that precisely fit the needs of each program.

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Assemble Systems Wins Constructech 50 Award for 2015

Assemble Systems, the leading provider of model-data-management solutions for the construction industry, is pleased to announce that it has been named to Constructech magazine’s Constructech 50. The Constructech 50 acknowledges the most innovative and influential technology vendors in the construction industry.

The 2015 Constructech 50 list is determined by the magazine’s editors, who judge on certain criteria like ongoing growth and customer satisfaction, participation in education efforts for the community, and have a strong product aimed to help the construction industry, among others.

“We are honored to be recognized as a top provider of construction-based solutions designed to streamline processes and make the most out of BIM,” says Howard Davis, CEO, Assemble Systems. “Our goal is to continue to be part of the construction industry’s technology movement, and we will continue to innovate our solutions for tomorrow’s leaders.”

Assemble provides easy-to-use software that helps all members of a construction team extract data, add intelligence, and collaborate in real-time to make better decisions and deliver projects on time and in budget. The technology company also attends national and global conferences to stay at the forefront of BIM software. Recently, Assemble launched an Academic Program to educate university students who want to pursue a career in the AEC industry.

To learn more about Assemble Systems, please visit

About Assemble Systems

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Assemble Systems is a BIM data management software company. Its flagship product Assemble is a cloud based platform allowing AEC firms to leverage BIM data for increased project insight, advanced project collaboration and data-driven decision making. Assemble is used today to manage over 1,400 projects. The Assemble Systems team includes technology experts and experienced architecture, engineering, and construction industry professionals who are addressing BIM interoperability for design, construction and operation. For more information, visit

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TimberRock Announces Distributed Microgrid Deployment In Maryland

TimberRock Energy Solutions today announced it is deploying a fleet of distributed microgrids across Maryland. The microgrid fleet will include multiple, geographically-separated buildings that integrate building automation, solar PV, li-ion battery storage, natural gas generators and a microgrid energy router to fully power the buildings during a grid failure. Sophisticated cloud computing technology will aggregate the individual building-level microgrids so they can be managed as a single, virtual power plant. Demand-side and supply-side resources within the microgrid fleet will be dispatched dynamically to achieve resiliency and sustainability for the host-site while delivering ancillary services and reducing congestion for the grid.

“We believe this will be one of the most ambitious and complex microgrid deployments in the U.S. due to its distributed nature,” said CEO Brent Hollenbeck. “It represents a major technical expansion of our award-winning microgrid management platform – called DE-MAP – while also demonstrating a scalable business model for microgrid development. It addresses issues of grid congestion, protection against dynamic grid outages and how to manage high-penetrations of renewable energy on the grid.”

The deployment will be funded in part by a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration. “The Maryland Energy Administration proudly supports the TimberRock microgrid project as a cutting-edge solution that provides reliable and affordable power,” said MEA Director, A. Leigh Williams, Esq. “This type of project demonstrates the thoughtful and strategic partnerships the administration is making with the private sector while creating lower cost solutions for all Marylanders.” The balance of funding will come from the individual building owners for whom the resiliency provided by the building-level microgrid is expected to lower insurance costs and increase profitability through continuity of operations.

“DE-MAP’s Internet of Things (IoT) hardware provides utility-grade connectivity, telemetry and advanced switching to each microgrid – all behind the meter,” said TimberRock CTO David Bateman. “Cyber-secure, cloud computing then allows the microgrids to be virtually aggregated and managed. The franchise rights of the utility are maintained and the utility continues to deliver off-site renewable energy. We believe this strategy represents a realistic and utility-friendly microgrid model that can eventually benefit all rate payers.”

This deployment represents the latest in a series of microgrid projects that TimberRock has deployed in the mid-Atlantic. Last year, TimberRock and General Motors were awarded PV America’s Project of Distinction for a microgrid deployment that integrated solar PV, energy storage and a fleet of Chevrolet Volts that provided ancillary services. It was the first real-world project to leverage OnStar’s smartgrid APIs to integrate EVs into a microgrid to provide grid services.

About TimberRock Energy Solutions

TimberRock is a leading energy services provider whose DE-MAP platform provides a robust Distributed Energy Resource (DER) & microgrid management platform for DER owner/operators. DE-MAP increases the economic performance of DERs by Straddling the Meter TM to reduce cost and increase resiliency for the host site while also delivering grid services. DE-MAP’s proprietary hardware provides IoT connectivity, utility-grade telemetry and robust cyber-security for DERs while maximizing their functionality and microgrid capabilities. A standards-based, cloud-computing platform then aggregates the DERs into fleets providing low latency, high-throughput data which enables real-time dispatch and delivery of services.

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Penguin Computing Announces Its Densest 1U GPU Server

Penguin Computing, provider of high performance computing, enterprise data center and cloud solutions, today announced the Relion 1904GT server, which packs four GPU accelerators in a 1U form factor.

“We redesigned this system with a completely new layout of the motherboard,” said William Wu, senior product manager, Penguin Computing. “The result not only paid dividends with a fourth GPU into a 1U server, but also an improved thermal-optimized architecture to support even higher core count Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors.”

Penguin Computing provides turnkey, ready-to-run HPC clusters combining this new GPU platform with storage and cluster interconnects. The Relion 1904GT server implements NVIDIA® Tesla® K80 dual-GPU accelerators, providing extremely high levels of computational performance and energy efficiency. The Tesla K80 dual-GPU is the flagship offering of the Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, the leading platform for discovery and insight at scale. The Tesla K80 delivers nearly two times higher performance and double the memory bandwidth of its predecessor, and 10 times higher performance than today’s fastest CPU on hundreds of applications.

Relion 1904GT server features include:

Innovative motherboard layout design allows support for higher core count Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors
Exceptional 2 CPU:8 GPU ratio implementing NVIDIA Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerators
Faster Local Machine – SAS/SATA and NVMe
Management and monitoring tools for server and installed GPUs
Dual 2000W redundant high efficiency power supplies
Improved sensors for environmental measurement

“HPC users are increasingly turning to higher density computing solutions to power their deep learning, engineering and scientific computing workloads,” said Roy Kim, group manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “Packing four Tesla K80 GPU accelerators into a compact 1U form factor, Penguin’s new Relion system provides HPC customers with new levels of energy-efficient performance for their most pressing computing challenges.”

Relion is an exceptional platform for running scientific and engineering applications that support GPU technology and the platform suits compute-intensive customer segments, such as the oil and gas industry among other sectors. Please visit for more information.

About Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing is one of the largest private suppliers of enterprise and high performance computing solutions in North America and has built and operates the leading specialized public HPC cloud service Penguin Computing on Demand (POD). Penguin Computing pioneers the design, engineering, integration and delivering of solutions that are based on open architectures and comprise non-proprietary components from a variety of vendors. Penguin Computing is also one of only five authorized Open Compute Project (OCP) solution providers leveraging this Facebook-led initiative to bring the most efficient open data center solutions to a broader market, and has announced the Tundra product line which applies the benefits of OCP to high performance computing. Penguin Computing has systems installed with more than 2,500 customers in 40 countries across eight major vertical markets. Visit to learn more about the company, and follow @PenguinHPC on Twitter.

Penguin Computing, Scyld ClusterWare, Scyld Insight, Scyld HCATM, Relion, Altus, Penguin Computing on Demand, POD, Tundra and Arctica are trademarks or registered trademarks of Penguin Computing, Inc.

Media Contact:

Phillip Bergman




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TrackVia Liberates Manufacturers From Paper Clipboards

TrackVia, a leading mobile quality and process management solution, today announced new mobile offline functionality to help manufacturers simplify and streamline their critical and complex production processes. The new offline capabilities allow workers to collect data on a mobile device from anywhere in their facilities or out in the field with a weak internet connection – or no connection at all. Once their mobile device establishes a connection, all data is synced automatically and instantly.

An estimated two-thirds of manufacturers still rely on paper-based methods for managing quality, tracking inventory or doing audits and inspections. This is not only time and labor intensive, but also prone to errors, which often leads to lost revenues and increased operational costs. TrackVia eliminates this problem by uniting manufacturers with all their critical data, processes and reporting in one easy-to-use solution that’s accessible on any mobile device.

“TrackVia is helping manufacturers make better products by simplifying their most critical and complex processes through mobile software applications,” said Pete Khanna, CEO of TrackVia. “Whether on the manufacturing floor or out in the warehouse, unreliable Internet connectivity often gets in the way of using mobile devices to streamline productivity and gain visibility into real-time information. With TrackVia’s new offline mode, teams can stay productive even with poor connections or no-connection scenarios.”

Unlike traditional ERP or quality management solutions used by manufacturers, TrackVia is a cloud-based solution that includes built-in mobile capabilities. No separate software or special hardware is required. TrackVia works with iOS and Android devices, including phones and tablets. TrackVia also provides native mobile app capabilities, which means users can do things like take photos, scan barcodes and even capture signatures.

TrackVia’s simple user interface is not only fast and easy to use, but it’s also fully customizable. This means that manufacturers can tailor their application to match their exact process needs. It also means that users can easily adjust their application as their processes change or evolve. Furthermore, TrackVia can be rapidly implemented in a matter of days or weeks.

To learn more or request a free customized demo, visit:

About TrackVia

TrackVia is a leading mobile workflow management solution that unites workers with all their data, processes and collaborations–in one environment, on any mobile device through a simple, user-friendly interface. More than 1,500 businesses in 14 countries rely on TrackVia, including Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Hitachi, DIRECTV, Dow, Brinks and others. TrackVia has earned several product and technology awards, and was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2013 and 2014. Learn more at


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Seventh Annual WSO2 Summer School Series Focuses on Data Analytics Best Practices for Optimizing Business Insights

WSO2 delivers the only fully integrated open source enterprise middleware platform to support today’s enterprise environments—internally and across the cloud, mobile devices, and Internet of Things.

WSO2 Summer School returns for a seventh year by popular demand. The all-new classes for 2015 will focus on the dialect of data analytics, and how systems and applications built on the right analytics platform can empower customers and internal decision-makers to make better, more informed choices. The free classes run July 14 – July 28, 2015. For details and to sign up, visit

Since 2009, WSO2’s interactive Web-based program has helped more than 2,000 IT professionals become more familiar with the technologies and best practices for building, integrating and deploying enterprise applications and services—on-premises and in the cloud. The program is open to all individuals who want to boost their knowledge directly from some of the industry’s leading experts—a once-a-year opportunity to obtain thousands of dollars worth of professional training at zero cost.

July 14: Introduction to Data Science and Analytics

This session serves as an introduction to WSO2 Summer School and will discuss how to build an analytics pipeline for the organization and for each use case. It also will review the technology and tooling choices that need to be made. Additionally, the session will explore four analytics themes:

    Hindsight (what happened)
    Oversight (what is happening)
    Insight (why it is happening)
    Foresight (what is likely to happen)

Presenting will be Dr. Srinath Perera, WSO2 vice president of research. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 14, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit

July 16: Batch and Interactive Analytics: From Data to Insight

Continually optimizing the operations of complex systems requires a system that can process and make sense of large numbers of transactions. This session will examine how batch-processing systems, coupled with a highly distributed data processing framework, can enable more efficiency in obtaining operational insights. It also will discuss how to use Apache Spark along with a distributed indexing mechanism, and it will examine how to achieve greater functionality and flexibility in data analytics.

Presenting will be Anjana Fernando, WSO2 senior technical lead, who focuses on integration technologies and data analytics. The webinar will be held Thursday, July 16, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. Visit to learn more.

July 21: Predictive Analytics: From Data to Foresight

Increasingly, companies are using machine-learning techniques to perform predictive analytics—most frequently to forecast individual customers’ interests and actions in order to provide them with more personalized service. This session will present an overview of predictive analytics and an introduction to machine learning. It then will discuss widely used machine-learning techniques. Finally, the webinar will preview the new WSO2 Machine Learner product and demonstrate its use in solving a real-world machine-learning challenge.

Presenting will be Nirmal Fernando, WSO2 associate technical lead. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 21, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. For more information, visit

July 23: Real-Time Analytics: From Data to Actions in Milliseconds

Identifying threats and utilizing opportunities in real time is critical for many business systems, such as those handling stock transactions, healthcare monitoring, and vehicle tracking, to name a few. This session will focus on how to build real-time analytics solutions that cater to low-latency, high-volume requirements and support high availability and scalability. Topics covered in this session will include:

    An introduction to real-time processing
    Real-time processing patterns
    Scalable distributed real-time processing
    Real-time features in WSO2 Complex Event Processor
    Integration with Apache Storm

Session presenter Sriskandarajah Suhothayan is a WSO2 technical lead focusing on WSO2 Complex Event Processor. The webinar will be held Thursday, July 23, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. Visit to learn more.

July 28: Analytics in Action

Putting best practices into action is the focus of this concluding WSO2 Summer School session. It will review how batch, real-time, predictive, and interactive analytics tools and technologies are being applied in the world of business, sports and geo-fencing. These real-world use cases also will examine how the concepts of hindsight, oversight, insight and foresight are collectively employed to make better decisions using the vast amounts of information generated in today’s data-rich world

Presenting will be Seshika Fernando, WSO2 technical lead, who focuses on the application of WSO2 products in financial markets. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 28, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PDT. Visit for more information.

About WSO2

WSO2 uniquely delivers on the promise of the connected business. It offers the only completely integrated enterprise platform that enables businesses to build, integrate, manage, secure and analyze their APIs, applications, and Web services—on-premises, in the cloud, on mobile devices, and across the Internet of Things. Leading enterprise customers worldwide rely on WSO2’s award-winning 100% open source platform and its robust performance and governance for their mission-critical applications. Today, these businesses represent nearly every sector: health, financial, retail, logistics, manufacturing, travel, technology, telecom and more. Visit to learn more, or check out the WSO2 community on the WSO2 Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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451 Research: Palo Alto Networks, Cisco and Dell are Top Vendors for Intrusion Detection and Prevention

According to 451 Research’s new Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security quarterly study, more than a quarter of the enterprises surveyed name Cisco as their primary Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) platform provider. In the 451 Research Vendor Window™, enterprises rated Palo Alto Networks highest especially for technical innovation, brand/reputation, and intrusion detection capabilities. Cisco FirePower/SourcePower and Dell Secure Works tied for the second highest rated vendors based on evaluations from 353 existing customers. Based on evaluation of 16 different vendor attributes, the Vendor Window plots enterprise adoption as well as indices that compare vendors’ promise prior to deployment as well as fulfillment after deployment. These latest findings – including a Vendor Window for Security in Enterprise Mobility Management – are based on responses from over 1,000 IT professionals, primarily in North America and EMEA, including 580 unique vendor evaluations in May and June 2015.

As expected, spending on security remains strong with 37% of enterprise security managers expecting to increase their budget in the next 90 days. Only 4% of enterprises are decreasing security spending. Although security budgets are stable or increasing for almost all organizations, security managers reported significant obstacles in implementing desired security projects due to lack of staff expertise (34.5%) and inadequate staffing (26.4%). As one security manager in the retail industry noted, “We continue to struggle with staffing . . . We have been given the open requisitions to hire people, but now we’re trying to find the people.” Given this challenge, only 24% of enterprises have 24×7 monitoring in place using internal resources.

More than half of respondents (52%) noted ‘hackers with malicious intent’ as their top security concern over the past 90 days, followed by navigating compliance requirements (38%). As a consequence, 26% of security managers noted that compliance requirements were a key driver in getting projects approved, second only to risk assessment cited by 26.5% of respondents.

“As the understanding of the prevalence of advanced attackers increases, security managers have continued a move from reliance on preventative controls to an increased focus on security monitoring and incident response,” said Daniel Kennedy, Research Director for Information Security. “Intrusion detection and/or prevention systems are one of the most established and ubiquitous security monitoring tools in place at large enterprises, and perhaps one of the most underutilized. Only 44.4% of enterprises have around-the-clock active monitoring in place.”

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Security

A Vendor Window on the security aspects of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) indicates AirWatch by VMware and MobileIron led adoption, with AirWatch being cited as the most important EMM vendor by 28% of surveyed enterprises. AirWatch garnered high scores in brand/reputation and product usability amongst their current customers.


Learn more about the Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security research findings on DATE, during the ‘Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security Trends and Vendor Window’ webinar. Register Now.

Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security

Published quarterly, 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security provides a demand-side view of security technology adoption. These survey-driven reports are derived from 800-1,500 customer surveys and 25 in-depth interviews with senior security professionals each quarter. Learn more about Voice of the Enterprise: Information Security, as well as other Voice of the Enterprise products that cover Cloud Computing, Software-Defined Datacenters, Storage, Datacenter Facilities, and Integrated & Converged Platforms. Learn More.

About 451 Research’s Vendor Window Methodology

The Vendor Window plots enterprise adoption and Promise and Fulfillment Indices, and is typically based on 300+ unique vendor ratings per market. Only existing customers of each vendor complete the vendor evaluations. Vendors with larger circles have greater adoption in the marketplace. The Promise and Fulfillment Indices compare vendors’ effectiveness at marketing and execution. A vendor located in the upper right quadrant – under-promising and over-delivering – is rated highly for both its promise and the ability to fulfill its promise relative to its peers. Conversely, a vendor in the lower left quadrant rates lower than its peers on the same criteria.

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Soha Systems Names Lance Jacobs as Vice President of Sales

Soha Systems (“Soha”), innovators in delivering cloud-based application security to enterprises and SaaS providers, today announced the appointment of Lance Jacobs as Vice President of Sales. Jacobs is a proven software sales and operations executive with a track record of sales excellence and building high-performing teams in field, inside, channel and OEM sales, as well as business and partner development. He brings more than 20 years of enterprise sales leadership, and over a decade of leading sales for Internet security and SaaS companies. He will report directly to Soha Systems’ CEO Haseeb Budhani.

“Although cloud and mobile have become ubiquitous, protecting applications, data and users in the cloud is unfortunately not,” said Budhani. “With Lance’s depth of expertise and knowledge selling security solutions to enterprises, he will be a tremendous asset to the company as we continue to build on the momentum of our public launch last quarter.”

Jacobs joins Soha from Twilio where he was Head of Authentication sales. Earlier, Jacobs was Vice President of Sales at ThreatMetrix, where he led global sales and business development, increased sales by 300 percent year-over-year and acquired more than 1,000 enterprise customers. He also has had successful stints at other companies, including Internet security leaders’ F-Secure and Avira. Jacobs is a graduate of Utah State University.

“Soha’s disruptive approach to air-gapping networks and providing micro access to applications convinced me this was a game changing opportunity that I could not pass up,” said Jacobs. “I am extremely impressed with the company’s technology and world class team. Soha has an innovative, easy-to-use platform that will disrupt the way businesses think about and implement application security. We are on a mission to provide the best application security and access technology available while reducing enterprises’ operational overhead and costs.”

About Soha Systems

Soha Systems (“Soha”) are innovators in delivering cloud-based application security to enterprises and SaaS providers. The Company’s solution, Soha Cloud, provides security, identity, access control, and a trusted path for companies to secure any application. Soha Cloud can be deployed as an application’s first line of defense in minutes, instead of months, at a tenth of the cost of build-it-yourself solutions. The result is a secure application delivery model that enables a zero CapEx, low OpEx model for critical workloads deployed in public and private clouds. For more information, visit and join the conversation on Twitter @sohasystems.

Note: All trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective owners.

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MSS and Fluor Engineering Present a New Approach to Data Validation at HxGN

During the 2015 Intergraph HxGN Global Technical User Conference (GTUF), Mangan Software Solutions’ (MSS) Louis Trujillo discussed the significance of data quality validation during project merges. The presentation outlined how Fluor Engineering utilizes MSS’ automated SmartPlant® Instrumentation (SPI) validation software tool, SPInspector™, to safeguard the accuracy of engineering data on its Sasol project. GTUF stakeholders were able to see firsthand the practical application and strategic efficiencies gained when SPInspector™ is actively deployed as a data quality tool on a large-scale, multi-EPC project.

MSS spoke with engineers specializing in the use of SPI on the value of a software approach to database inspection audits. By integrating an automated, pre-packaged tool into their validation process, companies like Fluor have experienced improved audit efficiency and accuracy, as well as uniform inspections aligning with company standards. Originally designed to validate the SPI databases of seven US sites for a client involved in a major acquisition, SPInspector™ has emerged as a software solution utilizing industry best practice queries to report SPI audit results.

Combining Mangan, Inc.’s SPI expertise with MSS’ customized software interface, SPInspector™ provides actionable audit results with impact analysis and remediation recommendations. The tool’s ability to clearly identify fragmented data and claim/merge anomalies have made it the SPI database validation tool of choice for the Sasol hosted environment project.

“When working on projects in dynamic environments, validating data is key to everyone’s success. We developed SPInspector™ to identify discrepancies in our client’s databases to ensure that instrumentation and control data is in sync with their plant. The goal is to help our clients avoid costly issues from incomplete and inaccurate data by detecting issues early on in the project. Presenting at the GTUF gave us a unique platform to discuss how our tool is being utilized by clients, like Fluor. The ability to meet and exchange ideas with everyone in attendance will lead to future updates to the application,” said Louis Trujillo, SPInspector™ Business Unit Lead of MSS.

Attendees were interested in the tool’s capability to configure from a single-user desk application to a multi-user cloud-based platform that an entire organization could work in. At Sasol, SPInspector™ was deployed to a hosted environment to ensure that Fluor and its contractors could access and retain unique user profiles and benefit from the common custom queries being used across multiple departments and organizations.

“SPInspector™ is a valuable tool maintaining the health of an SPI database; especially when coordinating with 3rd parties,” said Ron Jackson, Senior Software Applications Specialist of Control Systems, SmartPlant® Instrumentation SME at Fluor.

ABOUT Mangan Software Solutions: MSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mangan, Inc. that leverages technology and software services to automate, implement and maintain engineering processes for the energy industry. Headquartered in Houston with offices in Atlanta and London, MSS has over 15 years of experience developing powerful products and solutions to create value and drive process improvements for clients. MSS deploys its innovative software products, ProSys SLM and SPInspector™, to industries that require reliable high-performance automation solutions. For more information, visit

Press Contact:

Jessica Bell, MSS Marketing Manager, 281.402.2641 x520, jbell(at)manganinc(dot)com

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HOLT CAT? Selects Service Pro software by MSI to Bring Together Equipment Product Support, Field Service Management Operations in a Single System

MSI, a leading developer of field service management software, announced today that HOLT CAT® – the largest Caterpillar dealership in the United States – has selected Service Pro software for equipment product support and field service management. HOLT CAT will use Service Pro to gain insight and efficiency in equipment product support, preventive maintenance and repair processes, and provide mobility for service technicians, all in one integrated system.

Established in 1933, HOLT CAT sells, rents and services Caterpillar® machines, engines, generator sets and trucks in a 118-county Texas territory for construction, mining, industrial, petroleum and agricultural applications. HOLT CAT is one of the world’s largest providers of parts, maintenance, repair and rebuild services for Cat machines and is a recipient of the Caterpillar “Circle of Excellence” award.

Continued growth of HOLT CAT’s product support business and staff, encompassing equipment preventive maintenance, repair, installation and inspection work done in the field, increased strain on service operations being managed with several legacy systems. To eliminate manual or duplicate work and improve visibility and reporting, HOLT operations and IT staff sought to identify a single solution for managing field service operations. HOLT ultimately chose Service Pro, an enterprise application that addresses the entire spectrum of field service needs, from call taking and scheduling to service contracts and technician mobility.

MSI’s Service Pro field service management application is designed to improve equipment product support and field service with a single system for field and office workers. Inclusive of deep functionality for managing service operations such as CSAs in the back office, visual, GPS-enabled, drag and drop scheduling, a native mobile technician app which works in connected or disconnected environments and in-depth integration to DBS (Dealer Business System), Service Pro will automate several important product support processes for HOLT CAT.

“We reviewed several software options, and MSI’s solution demonstrated the Caterpillar-specific service functionality, DBS integration and technology that will meet our current needs, as well as many additional capabilities to grow into in the future,” said Elaine Hicks, CIO for HOLT CAT. “Our partnership with MSI will equip HOLT CAT product support staff with more functionality, management with better business intelligence and reporting, and service technicians with mobile tools to be more effective in the field.”

“HOLT CAT customers have come to expect excellence when it comes to their service experience,” said Harvey Shovers, MSI Data President. “MSI is thrilled to help HOLT CAT build on that foundation as they continue to grow with cutting-edge, integrated software that will benefit customers, technicians and service operations staff alike.”

Service Pro includes capabilities for managing end to end equipment field service business processes, including:

Scheduling and Dispatching
Work Orders
Service Contracts
Equipment Assets
Parts and Inventory
PM Auto-Scheduling
Stakeholder Portals
DBS (and other ERP) Integration

Equipment manufacturers and dealers, including Caterpillar dealers, utilize MSI software to centrally manage and more efficiently deliver field service work, including repairs, preventive maintenance, installations and inspections, both in the office and in the field.

About HOLT

HOLT CAT® sells, rents and services Caterpillar® machines, engines, generator sets and trucks in a 118-county Texas territory spanning from the Red River to the Rio Grande. HOLT offers total machine and engine rebuild capabilities, sells used equipment around the world and fabricates its own line of land clearing equipment and HOLT Spray King® water tankers. HOLT is the dealer for Link-Belt Cranes in the Eastern half of Texas as well as the El Paso area. They are the dealer for AGCO/Challenger and Claas farm equipment for the Eastern half of Texas and portions of Arkansas, Missouri and Louisiana. SITECH Tejas, another division of HOLT, is the authorized dealer for Trimble Heavy and Highway construction products and services, as well as AccuGrade grade-control products in the same 118 county territory of Texas.

The Holt name has been associated with heavy equipment and Caterpillar for over 100 years. Peter M. Holt, Chief Executive Officer of HOLT CAT, is the great-grandson of Benjamin Holt, who in 1904 developed the first successful track-type tractor which he named the “Caterpillar.” HOLT CAT has come to be synonymous with quality, integrity and commitment to customer service. The HOLT CAT team is committed to providing rock solid stability with superior products and services to heavy equipment and engine users from Brownsville to Texarkana, Texas.

About MSI

MSI develops enterprise, scheduling and mobile software that helps companies improve the productivity of their field workforce. World class service organizations rely on MSI’s powerful suite of field workforce software to automate field service, inspections, site surveys, audits, reporting and other critical field-driven business processes. MSI replaces paper and disconnected spreadsheet-based business processes with highly efficient, end-to-end processes through the combination of mobile technology for field workers and ERP, CRM and accounting systems integration. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, MSI field workforce software applications are easy to acquire, easy to deploy and deliver enterprises with rapid return on investment. For more information, please visit

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3Pillar Global & Natural Insight Announce Partnership to Accelerate Workforce Management Innovation for Retail Merchandising and Field Marketing

3Pillar Global and Natural Insight today announced that they are partnering to develop the next generation of the Natural Insight platform. Natural Insight is a leader in enterprise workforce management software for retail merchandising and field-marketing organizations. 3Pillar Global develops innovative, revenue-generating software products for clients.

The aim of the partnership is to extend and accelerate workforce management innovations made possible with the Natural Insight platform and to help customers better organize and execute in-store merchandising programs and field marketing events. To accomplish this, 3Pillar and Natural Insight will develop enhanced mobile survey capabilities, which will capture real-time data from in-store employees and empower managers with deep insight into current operations and future trends.

“When we started working with 3Pillar, we were impressed with the approach they took to understand our business and work with us to prototype the ideal Natural Insight experience for our customer base,” said Stefan Midford, President & CEO of Natural Insight. “We are looking forward to partnering with 3Pillar to provide our customer base with a new and improved product they can use to further optimize their retail merchandising and marketing efforts.”

“We’re excited to have the opportunity to work with one of Northern Virginia’s leading technology companies to help Natural Insight grow their customer base, their geographic presence, and their business,” said 3Pillar Global CEO David DeWolf.

About 3Pillar

3Pillar Global builds software products for businesses, enabling them to quickly turn ideas into value. This is done through a disciplined approach to innovation and a deep expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile and big data. Through a collaborative and fully-integrated experience, clients have access to a global network of highly-talented, dedicated professionals. To learn more about 3Pillar, please visit

About Natural Insight

Supporting 65,000 skilled retail professionals in more than 110,000 locations globally, Natural Insight is a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management software for merchandisers, product companies, event marketers and retailers. Natural Insight is privately held and headquartered in Sterling, VA with offices in Toronto and Birmingham, England. Visit for more information.

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IBN Technologies Limited Launches Secure Data Book Keeping Outsourcing Services for US and UK

IBN Technologies Limited

The last decade has seen an up rise in the global demand of outsourcing of generic Bookkeeping services.

However approaching the Business Continuity contingency plan, most companies tend to feel vulnerable in exposing their key factor of financial audit documents to a third party vendor.

One of the key drivers of performance excellence in finance and accounting is accuracy. Global Financial Solutions companies such as IBN Technologies Limited banks on its instant access to records from any web location due to the facility of Cloud computing technology. Data does not leave corporate premises as it is only processed remotely. Security of information according to International security standards, a dedicated department to manage individual clients, maintaining of information according to latest rules and regulations of Finance and accounting standards followed around the world.

Restrictive standards of operations where prohibitions to using smartphones, pen drives, firewalls and accessing website restrictions make it viable for clients to choose to outsource to the Indian Subcontinent, and IBN is no exception.

Download Brochure:

Traditionally accountancy and related activities were carried out by a dedicated team of people using various methods such as document based reports, manual entry etc. However, the cost of in-house accountants are not being supported through a parallel investment in skills and training to match their role’s evolution.

Making the best of many years of experience and in-depth software expertise, Companies, in these current times, proactively opt for outsourcing their tasks and requirements. Lowering the cost of operations by 40%, with no overhead costs as well employee benefits costs.

Planning round the clock operations where data is processed & critical reports prepared overnight allows matrix organizations to focus on the core competence of business rather than on back-office functions. Giving a clear time line advantage in streamlining priorities by maximizing on opportunity cost.

IBN is ISO 9001:2008, certified organization which compels it to follows strict rules and regulations to provide best quality services (within a stipulated period of time) which are comparable with world class standards. Following all rules of Book-Keeping and accountancy so that all transactions can be recorded according to National and International (International Financial Reporting Standards) guidelines, with clients from various industry verticals globally.

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IBN Technologies manages complex outsourcing deals with calibrated expertise of accurate analytics while maintaining a common global operating framework. With over 16 years plus experience, cross-border client-facing, an expert team of accountants that sport well-known accounting soft wares such as Qualified Intuit Pro-Advisors, Intuit PoS Pro-Advisor, Xero, Wave, Free books and many more.

While companies have a tentative saving on infrastructure and technology while outsourcing, one cannot discount the prompt access to skilled resources for expansion at a short notice.

Careful analysis at the research phase before offshoring to a potential or new provider often times turn out to be the most crucial decision. It is imperative for the financial health of an organisation that its accounting process is clean, secure and updated.

About Us

IBN Technologies

IBN Technologies Limited is an outsourcing service provider with a customer base covering the USA, UK, Middle East and India. IBN has a State of the Art Global Delivery Centre in Pune, India. IBN processes are ISO 9001:2008 quality certified. In 15 years of operation IBN has evolved as leading IT & BPO outsourcing service provider in BFSI, Travel, Retail Chains & Online Business.


Rahul Sancheti

IBN Technologies (US) LLC

108 West 13th Street,

Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Phone: +1-844-644-8440

Email: info(at)ibntech(dot)com

Connect with Us on LinkedIn:

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APT Named Top 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials by Fortune Magazine

Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) announced today that it has been named in the top 50 of the 2015 Top 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials by Fortune and Great Places to Work. The inaugural rankings were compiled based on a Great Places to Work survey of more than 90,000 Millennials.

APT, recently named a 2015 Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Analytics, is a leading cloud-based analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and accurately measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value.

APT’s distinctive work culture strongly appeals to the millennial generation, who generally demand more from their workplace. Challenging and impactful work, ample opportunity for advancement, and meaningful relationships with managers set APT’s culture apart. Further, employees at all levels know APT values their opinions and ideas, and employee feedback can actively change the organization. Millennials have also reported enjoying the added benefit of a six-week paid sabbatical for employees who’ve been with the company longer than six years.

APT has recently received a number of awards, claiming the top spot for The Washington Post’s Top Workplaces for the past two years. APT has also won numerous awards for its corporate culture and software products from The Washington Business Journal,, The International Business Awards, and others.

Anthony Bruce, CEO of APT, said, “We are honored to receive this distinction, and what makes it even more meaningful for us as a company is that this ranking is based on employee feedback. Millennials comprise a large portion of our workforce, and like all of our team, have significant impact in all areas of our business. I am excited to continue to see our employees grow and advance at APT. I look forward to all that they will accomplish in their years here.”

Please visit to learn more about APT, and visit to learn more about joining our team.

To read more about APT’s ranking in the Best Workplaces for Millennials, please visit

About APT

APT is a leading cloud-based analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and precisely measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value. Our intuitive and proprietary Test & Learn® software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, enabling business leaders to conduct experiments and allowing them to make optimal decisions and implement business initiatives at scale. We also offer products that support decision-making for specific business needs including transaction analysis, space planning, category management and location selection. APT’s client portfolio features some of the world’s best known brands, including Walmart, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, American Family, Hilton Hotels, SUBWAY, TD Bank, T-Mobile, and others. APT has offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London, Bentonville, Taipei, Tokyo, Sydney, and Chicago. Visit to learn more.

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NextServices Welcomes Sudhir Bahl to its Advisory Board For Global Opportunities

Sudhir Bahl brings with him a wealth of leadership experience in healthcare technology from various organizations such as Irene Healthcare, Nova Specialty Surgery, ICICI Venture, Apollo Hospitals, and GE Healthcare. During the past five years, Sudhir has served on boards of six healthcare companies and worked with senior management to pursue growth opportunities.

“We are delighted to welcome Sudhir to NextServices,” said Satish Malnaik, CEO of NextServices. “Healthcare challenges in the Middle East and North African (MENA) regions increasingly resemble those in the US. Our solutions make it easier for healthcare organizations to thrive in complex environments. Sudhir’s rich experience in healthcare domain and the MENA region bring great value to our team as as we expand our healthcare solutions to address global opportunities.”

“I believe, great teams make great companies. I enjoy working with innovative product teams and growth oriented companies. Pleased to be associated with NextServices founders and the team,” said Sudhir Bahl.


Sudhir Bahl has over twenty three years of senior management and entrepreneurial experience in healthcare, and is passionate about creating innovative and sustainable businesses. Currently based in Dubai, Sudhir works as Managing Director for MENA region for Bourn Hall Clinic and resides on the Board of Directors at Bourn Hall International. He has co-founded and resided as the CEO of Irene Healthcare in 2011. He was also part of the senior management team as President and COO at Nova Specialty Surgery – a chain of day surgical and IVF centers with operations in India and Middle East, and as founder Director and COO of IVEN Medicare India Limited, an ICICI Venture portfolio company. From 2004 to 2007, Sudhir worked as Vice-President for Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited. He was part of the senior team leading international projects and consulting business with focus on the Middle East and KSA markets. Sudhir has been a part of GE Healthcare and has played a significant role in handling key accounts and Healthcare IT initiatives. He is an electronics engineer with an MBA in International Business Management.


NextServices is changing how healthcare is delivered through better management and advanced technology. Services and solutions include:

Revenue Cycle Management: Comprehensive services that help hospitals, surgery centers and medical practices get paid quickly and accurately from insurance companies.
enki EHR: A cloud/mobile based electronic health record (EHR) software platform to digitize, store and share patient records securely.
Health IT: Software design and development to help healthcare product teams build their next big idea.

About NextServices

NextServices provides cloud based revenue cycle, mobile electronic health management and consulting solutions for healthcare organizations across the world. Bringing an innovative approach to combining technology and services, NextServices offers a seamlessly integrated platform of web based and mobile software. For more information contact 1(866) DOC-NEXT or visit the company’s website at

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The Control Group Honored as Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie? Award Winners in 2015 American Business AwardsSM

Sean Shahrokhi, Director Communications & Public Relations, The Control Group

The Control Group was presented with Stevie® Awards in the following categories: Gold – Information Technology Team of the Year – The Control Group, Silver – Innovation of the Year – Instant Checkmate, Bronze – Maverick of the Year, Shiem Edelbrock, CTO and Bronze – Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year – The Control Group, at the 13th Annual American Business Awards in Chicago on June 22nd.

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small.

Nicknamed the Stevies for the Greek word meaning “crowned,” the awards were presented to winners during a gala banquet on Monday, June 22 at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park Hotel. More than 400 nominees and their guests attended.

The awards were presented in two ceremonies, before and after dinner. The after-dinner presentation were broadcast live nationwide by BizTalkRadio. The pre-dinner presentations were taped and will be broadcast by BizTalkRadio on Thursday June 25 at 8:00 pm ET.

The 2015 American Business Awards will be presented at two awards events: Monday’s banquet in Chicago, and at the new products awards banquet on Friday, September 11 in San Francisco.

More than 3,300 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories. The competition encompassed many top national companies in a wide range of respective fields which made the wins for The Control Group all the more prestigious.

“We were extremely honored to win our first four ABAs and excited to have taken the Gold for IT Team of the Year,” said Sean Shahrokhi, Director of Communications and PR for The Control Group. “Our team of developers, designers, architects, and stakeholders are what help make The Control Group one of San Diego’s fastest growing companies and an incubator for talented individuals devoted to technological accomplishments and efficiency.”

More than 200 executives worldwide participated in the judging process to select this year’s Stevie Award winners.

“We are extremely impressed with the quality of the entries we received this year. The competition was intense and every organization that won should be proud,” said Michael Gallagher, president and founder of the Stevie Awards. “To those outstanding individuals and organizations that received Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Awards, the judges and I are honored to celebrate your many accomplishments. You are setting a high standard for professionals nationwide.”

The Control Group has also been nominated as ABA finalists for Executive of the Year (Kris Kibak, CEO) and for Company of the Year, winners of both to be announced on September 11th in San Francisco. Details about The American Business Awards and the lists of Stevie winners who were announced on June 22 are available at

About The Control Group

Created in 2011, The Control Group is one of the fastest-growing technology companies headquartered in San Diego. Their expertise is in web development and internet marketing. The company is the developer of, one of the top people search engines in the world. Because the company is already profitable, it has been able to develop a company culture that is shaking up the Southern California business community. Core to the company culture is its reach into the community to make a positive impact by volunteering and getting involved in important causes.

About The Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards are conferred in six programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, The American Business Awards, The International Business Awards, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 10,000 entries each year from organizations in more than 60 nations. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind them, the Stevies recognize outstanding performances in the workplace worldwide. Learn more about the Stevie Awards at

Sponsors and partners of The 2015 American Business Awards include BizTalkRadio, CallidusCloud, Engility, Fareportal, John Hancock, PetRays, and Softpro.

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Cloud 9 Living Inc. Named a Colorado Companies to Watch Winner

Cloud 9 Living Inc. ( has been named a Colorado Company to Watch, acknowledging the drive, excellence and influence of Cloud 9 Living as a growing company in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities, and create new industries throughout Colorado.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as a Colorado Company to Watch. This great state has given us so much in terms of a talented work force, an environment that fosters growth, and a wonderful place to call home. As a company, we look forward to many more years of positively impacting our home state and being a part of the thriving Colorado business environment,” says Bobby Augst, Cloud 9 Living Executive V.P.

“We are pleased to recognize Cloud 9 Living for their outstanding contribution in fueling the economic fire of Colorado. Thank you,” says David Tolson, Colorado Companies to Watch Board Chairman.

Colorado Companies to Watch works to recognize the driving economic forces in the state by focusing not merely on growth, but on the true impact and influence of an organization. By focusing on second stage companies across the state, the program offers distinct insight into the state’s economic landscape and recognizes organizations often overlooked for the critical impact they have in their industries, communities and regions, as well as the state as a whole.

About Cloud 9 Living:

Cloud 9 Living is the leading experience gift company in the U.S. Its site,, offers more than 1,900 experiences in 51 regions nationwide, ranging from Ferrari racing and dinner cruises to spa packages, city tours, hot air balloon rides, and much more. With experience gifts becoming increasingly popular for anything from birthday or holiday gifts to corporate gifts and rewards, Cloud 9 Living fills an expanding segment of the $ 280+ billion gift industry.

For more information, visit

About Colorado Companies to Watch:

Colorado Companies to Watch ( is a unique statewide awards program recognizing growing companies that fuel the economic fire of the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities and create new industries throughout Colorado. The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade launched the program in 2009 in conjunction with the Edward Lowe Foundation and valuable community partners from across Colorado.

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ComputeNext Hits Home Run With Win at 3rd Annual Cloud World Series Awards

ComputeNext, a cloud brokerage platform and marketplace software provider, today announced it was selected as the winner in the “Best SME Project by a Vendor” category in the 3rd Annual Cloud World Series Awards. The Awards celebrate the drive, innovation and hard work in the global cloud computing industry, bringing together the industry leaders and experts that have driven developments in the cloud over the past year.

ComputeNext was selected for its work with application intelligence company AppDynamics, which utilized ComputeNext’s Global Cloud Marketplace (GCM) to easily and cost-effectively scale their cloud infrastructure worldwide.

The judging panel for the “Best SME Project by a Vendor” looked for the most successful SME project that demonstrated how the cloud migration process was simplified, how mobility and convenience of IT access was facilitated and how overall IT costs were minimized.

ComputeNext’s Global Cloud Marketplace is a platform which enables cloud service commerce, provisioning, and management from providers in over 60 locations worldwide, from a single user account or API. This platform is also available as a white-label solution which can be offered as a Marketplace-as-a-Service or a custom deployment for telcos, data centers, service providers, and large IT resellers/distributors. The platform can be rapidly deployed and customized for partners based on the cloud platforms, products, and services they wish to offer.

“ComputeNext’s mission is to make it easier for organizations of all sizes to select, purchase and configure cloud services directly from our marketplace, and this award is a testament to the hard work of our entire team,” said Sundar Kannan, founder and CEO of ComputeNext. “It is always rewarding to be acknowledged for our solutions that help our customers to buy cloud services and infrastructure in a simplified and streamlined way, and we thank the Cloud World Series Awards for this honor.”

The awards were announced on June 24 at the Cloud World Forum in London.

About ComputeNext

ComputeNext is a Bellevue, WA-based cloud brokerage company pioneering how organizations search, discover, procure, and provision cloud infrastructure with its Cloud Marketplace Platform. As a leader in cloud service brokerage, ComputeNext enables end-to-end transactions across platform-agnostic infrastructure. Holding the belief that a few cloud providers cannot satisfy the world’s computing demands, our mission is to promote choice and efficient computing through federation. This new ecosystem shares and optimizes cloud infrastructure and services to bring unprecedented business development opportunities and cost savings for both data centers and IT organizations. Learn more at

# # #

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IDATE unveils the theme of the 37th edition of the Digiworld Summit: Digital FirstICT players vs. the new disrupters

From 17 to 19 November 2015, the 37th annual DigiWorld Summit will bring together 150 top-tier speakers to Montpellier to share their views with the more than 1,200 participants from over 30 countries. French Tech will also be in the spotlight during the 2nd annual DigiWorld Week and at the inaugural DigiWorld Awards.

Under the banner of “Digital First” IDATE will host debates on the core trends shaping telecom, IT, Internet and media markets, with the knowledge that digital technology is entering a new stage in its ubiquity, becoming the vehicle of a major overhaul in many sectors: energy, insurance, finance, health, automotive, travel and tourism. “But,” says IDATE CEO, Yves Gassot, “this digital verticalisation also represents a new challenge for IT, telecoms, Internet and media industry stakeholders. They may see new growth opportunities, but also challenges as innovation cycles are accelerating, as they consider the shifting outlines of their business and contend with new digital intermediaries.”

This new stage in the digital transformation is being spurred by ubiquitous wireline and wireless connectivity, the economies of scale of cloud computing, and the power of real time data processing algorithms. But it is being amplified by the rise of connected objects, and the promises of 3D printing, of artificial intelligence and the collaborative economy. A profound transformation of the economy that is already materialising in changes to production and distribution infrastructures, in the accelerated shift from product to service and the profusion of channels for interaction with end users.

What do vertical companies (media groups and TV networks, insurance, automotive, travel, retail, etc.) want from digital industry players (telcos, OTT, IT)?
How should digital industry players position themselves with respect to the digital transformation in vertical markets?
How can the Web’s top destination platforms cohabitate with the vertical markets’ new digital champions?
This year’s Guest Country: China. Can China combine the power of its recently acquired positions in Internet and telecom markets with its manufacturing ambitions?

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